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Bolt - Shipping Updates


@KiwiWales, not sure what you meant?? My comment was a reply to @edenwinter’s post directly above mine.


@josh.stuckey all Canadian units will ship at once.

@KiwiWales once wrapped up with the Canadian units we’ll be looking to do something similar with the remaining international units. It will likely be market by market (off the top of my head SE, NO, AU, NZ and JP are the largest outside of Canada, though not in the order).


@cameron Still can’t share any updates on modern gold for US orders?


He is ignoring my message now :frowning:

How about the estimate date for rest of world?
Can you at least provide a rough estimate like Q2 or Q3 etc??


I’m interested on this too. When the other part of the world will be happy to have the Bolt?


Sorry @saxnix - I was pointing you to @JoshStucey’s note that the competition are starting to catch up …four days after you said you’re patiently waiting in Australia.Sorry again for causing confusion!


@cameron, I get a 404 error when signing into my dashboard to view my orders/shipping information.

Anyone able to get into their dashboards?


@josh.stuckey I can get in but it is different then what it used to be. Newer look. No longer shows my order info and gives an error. I am a Canadian backer.


@KiwiWales, OK, I get it now. :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue. Also a Canadian backer.


I would consider the dashboard order 404s a good sign. It means they are making the changes to the dashboard last spoken about a week ago. We shall see when they are done and come back online what they show and if the original shipping is in there or not.


@Rattay780, @bn2kool4u - looks like the dashboard is up now with an option to pay duties/import fees :). Finally after 2+ years my status has changed from your Lockitron’s
components are complete. It’s currently awaiting color finishing or
final assembly to your order has processed through customs.

Looks like I have paid duties for Bolt + Bridge, at one time there was a shortage - not sure if that is still the case.

@cameron, are bridges going to be shipping with Bolts to Canadian backers if we’ve paid the customs for both?


“Shipping costs and customs duties of $19.9 are due on your order before shipping can take place.”

“Price $179.00 + $16.75”

Does this new total take into account the previously paid shipping as well?


@Rattay780 correct, that incorporates what you previously paid on shipping.

For comparison we’re seeing our alternative FedEx charged import duties and fees of $43 (this is not including shipping).

I need to take some time to send out a message directly to Canadian backers on this, but a important things to note:

  • Head to the Lockitron order dashboard - there you will be provided with a total amount of duties owe on your product as well as the earliest possible shipping estimate provided duties are paid
  • If you’re a Canadian backer and placed a crowdfunded order or preorder prior to the end of last year and don’t see it in the dashboard, drop us a line - support@lockitron.com
  • Duties are far lower in bulk due to extra fees tacked on by FedEx (our next alternative)
  • We can much more easily send replacements as needed and, importantly they won’t incur any additional duties (something we saw with the crowdfunded Lockitron despite declarations indicating the parts were for repair/replacement on the customs form)


I received the email, but when I enter credit card information it doesn’t change anything on my dashboard, it also doesn’t list the amount I owe for duty anywhere on my dashboard.


@ericmoolin can you give it a shot again? We were just updating the server after a bug was discovered.


All good now! Thanks! Super excited to get my hands on my lockitron!


Any updates on the Bridge? After 4 years, finally got my Lockitron, but feels incomplete without the bridge :frowning: What may be the reasons for delay?


@vfx2 we’ve re-designed the internals for Bridge, but no updates on that today.


@cameron How about US orders of modern gold? Any updates? Anything?