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Bolt - Shipping Updates


@Jczippy soon. Don’t have the bandwidth to deal with multiple ops projects, will come back to that after Canadian shipments next week.


@cameron Yesterday I saw the new field in my dashboard - Pay customs duties but once filled out, nothing changes. My dashboard looks the same asking me to pay the duties. I received a message from the bank that Lockitron took ме $9. Could you help me to understand what are these money for? It is not for shipping or customs to Europe I think.
What is the situation with Europe orders?


@cameron how do we request key match cylinders before our bolt is shipped out?


I just wanted to post for others who are concerned about getting a refund when they cancel their order. I had a very smooth experience. I sent an email to support@lockitron.com telling them I wanted to cancel, and I received a response the next day saying my order would be cancelled and my payment refunded. On my dashboard I saw that my order was cancelled, and I received my refund on my credit card within a few days.


@ivo1bg please email support; customs should only be paid for Canadian orders. We need to issue a refund if that button comes up for you.

@josh.stuckey unfortunately we only have the Schlage cylinders in the box. We’re waiting on more Key Match cylinders to send to the Canadian warehouse.


@Cameron, is it possible for those who need the Key Match cylinder to have one shipped to them from the Canadian warehouse once they cylinders arrive after we have been shipped our Bolts?


@josh.stuckey yes! We realized quickly that stocking the Bolt units as specific Key Match SKUs created way too many extra part numbers to deal with, so that’s what we’ve been doing with backers in the U.S. as well.

Once the cylinders come in, we’ll follow up to ship them! Although we’ll eventually charge new customers for Key Match cylinders, we’re offering them free of charge for existing backers.


Good to know, do we have to specifically request or will we get a follow up notice when they arrive?


Hey Cameron, Canadian supporter here and very excited to get my lockitron ! What company did you choose for shipping in Canada ? Thanks


@Mike328 we use Amazon to ship these units, so they’ll be the ones choosing the courier.


UPDATE: Canadian orders where duty has been paid are being queued! You should see tracking information tomorrow and Friday :grinning:


Got my shipping notice today !!! Very excited. itshappening.gif :grinning:


Hurray!! I received something today…1 bolt. When is the rest of my order going to be fulfilled? I am waiting on 1 more bolt and 2 bridges.


Where they ship out of? Still nothing here on shipping.


Paid duties (for 2 Bolt units) Wednesday last week and still haven’t received anything; dashboard mentions shipping should be March 27-30…

Would it be possible to have an update please?

Also, what is the status for the bridge?


No Bridges on these units (we’re out everywhere).

@MorVeuXx @Rattay780 could you send us an email at support@lockitron.com? I can tack your order more easily there and make sure it gets sent out if it didn’t. The leave from a warehouse near Toronto. My guess is that the warehouse (also Amazon, like the U.S.) is delayed with shipping some of them.


Well holy crap, I’ve received and installed my bolt!!! Very happy so far, no issues yet. Thank you @cameron and the rest of the lockitron crew. I see you’re out of bridges everywhere, do you have a time frame when that half of the Canadian orders will be shipping?


@cameron Just a friendly reminder. Today marks 4 years and 5 months since I backed your company. Six months ago, you showed a picture of completed modern gold bolts. My dashboard has continued to say that my unit is expected to ship in December 2016. You charged my card over four years ago. It really is time to come clean about why, after almost four and a half years that you still have backers who haven’t received their product. Please respond!


Got my Bolt in finally. Won’t be able to install right away as I have to rectify that all of my exterior doors have Weiser drive-in latches. Going to have to figure out what I need to do about this situation first. Though it shouldn’t take nearly as long as the wait on the key match cylinders and the bridges, so looks like I have plenty of time to sort it.


@cameron I received an email from support that said they are out of modern gold Bolts. Six months ago, I was told that they had manufactured enough modern gold Bolts to fulfill all of their backorders. I was told five months ago that mine was on the next container ship. Now, somehow, they have run out without fulfilling the orders. Either you are inept in managing your orders or you shipped to new customers and left out your backers. I’m tired of support telling me that they “understand my frustration.” No apologies, no commitment to moving heaven and earth to fulfill their obligation after taking my money almost four and a half years ago.