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Bolt status and dashboard are out of sync


Hey all -

Wondering if anyone else has seen a similar problem. When my Bolt is manually opened or closed, the status isn’t reported back to Lockitron. The lockitron.com/dashboard continues to report an inaccurate status.

I also don’t see any “manual” activity in my activity stream, not sure if that’s expected or not.

I am using the Wi-Fi bridge and can successfully (and accurately) control the lock from from lockitron.com/dashboard. Only doesn’t work when the Bolt is manually turned.

Any ideas what to reset or try?



@mikeknoop I believe it syncs in the background at a point - I don’t have the data to confirm. @cameron?


@mikeknoop @anthonylavado I need to verify, however I believe we regressed this feature with Bridge for the moment; an upcoming Bolt firmware update will bring it back as well as logging for manual events.


@cameron do you know if this regression ever made it into an update? Not sure how to manually update bridge.


@mikeknoop we’re doing a final pass on the Bolt firmware that will resolve this.


@cameron was this issue resolved? I am still seeing the problem.


@slingkid the beta firmware should be helping with this, however, I think a few odd things may have cropped up server side since some recent updates. Are you on the beta?


No, I am not on the beta. Can I get on it?


@slingkid followed up via email.



What is the status of this problem? I have similar problem although I don’t have bridge.

My setup:

  1. Lockitron with firmware version.
  2. Google Pixel phone with latest version of Lockitron App.

Step to repro:

  1. Manually lock or unlock Lockitron while not connected via Android app.
  2. Open Android app and connect to the lock


  1. Current status of the lock is shown
  2. History tab shows an manual lock/unlock event


  1. The app doesn’t show if lock is open or closed (no green or red circles).
  2. The history tab doesn’t show manual lock/unlock event

Is this a known issue? And is this issue being taken care of?



My firmware version: 1461012547
Android App version: 3.5.4 (201)