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Bridge dying


Looks like my bridge is failing. Rarely can I lock or unlock over WiFi or cell. Also when I log in and check my dashboard, it shows offline. I can restart the bridge and it’s ok for a short time but then fails again. Have restarted it and Bolt many times and replaced the Bolt batteries. Have had this issue of hit or miss non Bluetooth connection since new, but seems to be getting worse

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I’m hitting the same issue…I get “Bridge is Offline” when my network is up, connection to the Internet is solid, and the bridge is four feet from the router.

I created a fairly kick-ass Access Control system…that now fails because it can’t actually control the lock, because of the bridge.


@guardian24 @acoile I just diagnosed this in real time for someone last night. Definitively a firmware issue (for him) that we’re looking into.


I’m happy to help any way I can.


@guardian24 @acoile we just pushed some updates here. While depending on WiFi connectivity their may still be some connectivity issues, these devices shouldn’t fall off in the same way if they’ve been paired with your Lockitron.

Please let us know if you see the same fall off WiFi/fixed when power cycled problem crop up again. Given this bug cropped up after a day or two it will likely take that long to test and verify.


@guardian24 @acoile checking in here - are you still seeing the same behavior post update?


Yes, still seeing a lot of Wi-Fi disconnects


@guardian24 but do you need to reboot Bridge before it works again?

The reason I ask is that a big cause for disconnects can be poor WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity (which is out of the scope of the recent firmware update).


I’m seeing it be much more reliable (which is good, because I no longer carry keys).

I also disconnected a bunch of Flic Bluetooth buttons, because I was concerned that I was getting Bluetooth interference.


@acoile thanks

@guardian24 can you screenshot the Bridge diagnostics screen? This is under settings. Also, what router make/model do you have and how far is Bridge from Bolt?


today I received my bolt and bridge. setting up bridge was hard because there is no notification if successful or not. I am on nexus 6p 7.1.1

in the settings I can see bridge diagnostic but pressing it gives an error, after several tries it does open up with all looking good. but after few minutes I can’t see that option any more, does it mean it’s offline? what should I do next and how to confirm bridge is working fine?


Hey @imran,
I don’t work for Lockitron, but I can suggest a test.

Turn Bluetooth off on your phone, and try to control the lock with the app. You’ll see if it works then or not.


yeah I tried that and it’s not working


@imran when you unplug and replug the Bridge in, what color does the LED flash?


i haven’t done that, yet but once I do I will update you.
Yesterday morning I saw that the bridge was emitting blue light (it was blinking constantly). I didn’t had time to look so went out. When I came back home the bridge was not emitting anything (is there any indication that the bridge is on?). I looked in the app and Bridge Diagnostic menu was there, and clicking it gave me all okay. So I didn’t bother restarting the bridge, assuming that all is good.

This morning bridge was not emitting any light, and bridge diagnostics was all good, I kept the bluetooth off on my phone and over wifi I was able to unlock/lock my bolt (albeit with some errors like after I issued the command i got the error something like unable to process your request try again, even though bolt unlocked/locked).

After around 30 mins later the app couldn’t find my lock, and the bridge diagnostics was gone. I turned bluetooth on and was able to unlock/lock my bolt but I think my bridge was just offline.

I didn’t had time to do what you suggested on restarting, but when I get home I will have a look into it.


@imran ok, this sounds like one of the apps is staying connected to Bolt for longer than it should which is blocking Bridge from finding the lock (so it disconnects).

Do you have multiple users in your household, and what models of phone?


@Cameron today was the same, initially the bridge seemed to be connected (I could see the bridge diagnostics) but after 5 minutes I couldn’t unlock my bolt. I used Bluetooth to unlock.

I restarted the bridge and for the first one minute it emitted red light, and after that nothing. I checked the bridge diagnostic and couldn’t get any information, so far it has been 1 hour and no light is emitting and bridge is offline.

The lockitron app on my android updated to day and the notifications I am seeing are Wifi disconnected.

There are a total of 3 phones for lockitron in my household.

  1. Nexus 6p [Android] (mine - primary)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 [Android]
  3. iPhone 6 Plus [ios]


Oops. Spoke too soon, apparently. Was working flawlessly for more than two weeks, now back to the dreaded “No Response From Bridge.” Lockitron app never connects to the phone. Pulling a battery and reinserting gives a little tune, and then a solid green light (which I’m assuming is a bad thing in a battery-powered product) – will send you the video.

Unplugged and replugged the Bridge, to no effect. Bridge is flashing Blue. Restarting the bridge had no effect. I re-Blinked it Up and now have a flashing green light on the Bridge, but the App claims it isn’t there.


And this morning it’s working perfectly.

For which I am actually grateful.

Never mind!


@acoile hrm. Thanks for the videos, will review. Something took the unit offline (by staying connected to it) which put Bridge into search mode; do you have Sense enabled on any device?