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Bridge dying


Turns out one of my phones did have Sense turned on. I’ve turned it off.


@acoile seems like the most likely scenario is that the phone was on the connection for far too long. New firmware update coming for Bolt should help.


We’ve been doing some more detailed testing here and are seeing that WiFi performance can be the main determining factor as to whether or not commands are successful. Counter intuitively, a very strong WiFi signal can be worse than a weak one.

@imran: has your device come back online? If so, can you post the RSSI values from the diagnostics page located on the Settings page of the mobile app?

A WiFi RSSI above -35 (i.e. -28) is likely too strong and over saturating the antenna. WiFi latency and router stability can also play large roles here.


sorry for being late, first off the values you have requested:

WiFi signal strength: Good (-23dBm)
Bluetooth signal strength: Good (-60dBm)

My wifi router is TP-Link Onhub (google) router. It is placed in the same room as the bridge which is the same room where Bolt is attached to the door. I live in an apartment building (and there are many wifi signals (strong ones as well)).

Bridge has come back online and sometimes it works sometimes doesn’t. I have sense enabled as well and that is working.

Next thing I am going to try is use the API to test if bridge keeps working or not. If you have better suggestions let me know.


@imran that WiFi signal strength looks way too strong (my guess is that Bridge’s antenna is getting saturated). Can you move Bridge further away? Less than 5 feet can be a problem.


As I said I am in an apartment and I kept the bridge as close as possible to the bolt. I will move the bridge to another room, but then it will far away from bolt. Can you give me what should be the good values for both Bluetooth range and WiFi range?

On another note I think my bridge is offline as i was testing the API and I got the following error:
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“This Bridge is currently offline. Please connect to lock directly via Bluetooth.”}

I will try your suggestion and see @cameron


ok so i moved the bridge. The values are:


So far so good. I can use the API to lock/unlock as well.


my wifi and lock are around the 60-69 db range and its been working great.


@imran gosh, those values are really tricky. From my testing anything below 30-35 on the WiFi side will be problematic as will anything above 85 for Bluetooth. Even moving across the room (i.e. hidden behind a couch or piece of furniture might help).

@Jason_Silva yeah, those values are close to ideal. Two radios makes it a real balancing act.

Keep an eye on it; we’re investigating ways to better report when the WiFi is dropping off as it seems to be the main culprit in disconnects (Bluetooth will aggressively fight to reconnect even if the signal is weak but we have far less control over the WiFi).