Bridge Firmware Update - May 2017

Hi folks,

In anticipation of the long awaited Bolt firmware update we have a big Bridge update that was just deployed that allows Bridge to queue and multiplex commands much more seamlessly for checking state, logs and, soon, pin codes. All Bridges automatically update, so nothing is needed on your part.

We’ll have more on the Bolt firmware update very soon.

For everyone on the current production build of Bolt firmware (1461012547), you won’t see too many changes. There are a couple of minor fixes for error messages (i.e. the message indicated that commands have been throttled due to too many being sent when you have only sent one command).

We’re still working to pin point an infrequent bug where the Bridge will fail to associate with a Bolt after power cycling. We’ve added some more debugging to inspect this case (rebooting Bridge resolves the issue).

While we’ve been testing this build extensively internally, it’s difficult for us to test all cases as we don’t have an easy way to deploy betas to production users. As such, please let us know if your Bridge’s behavior changes.

As always, the range between Bolt, Bridge and your WiFi router plays the biggest largest role in Bridge performance.

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Any word on the Bolt update.

How can one tell if the bridge is running the latest firmware?

@oneframe slightly off topic for this thread, but we were going to push last week, but a few folks were out for the holiday and we expect a large number of support inquiries to come in. ETA for push is tomorrow.

@klidec all Bridges are updated within a few minutes after we push an update. This is all managed by Electric Imp.