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Bridge - Shipping Updates


Hello, any idea when Canadian backers will be receiving our bridges? Also just want to confirm when we paid duty on our original bolt+bridge order we do not have to pay duty again for the bridge.

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Bridge Firmware Update - May 2017
Bridge Firmware Update - May 2017

Hi, still curious about bridge shipping updates?


If you’re lucky… Maybe in 3 years… Just like how we waited for the bolt.


@Trev339 almost ready to share updates on Bridge - we’ve got some cool stuff in progress here and will have news soon. I should also note that all customers (not only Canada) are impacted by the current back order.


That’s all well and good, but when am I going to receive my Bridge? I’ve been waiting 4 years!


Getting The Bolt without the promised Bridge reminded me of a Childhood Christmas…I opened this awesome toy which needed batteries but I am still waiting for the batteries…that’s when I stopped believing in Santa.


I am in the US and have been waiting since 2013


speaking of bridge…any update for those who have not yet received a bridge yet?


Nope. Still no bridge and still no word about it. I also been waiting for a KW1 key match in polished brass for a few months now. I really wish I had gone with a company that already had this product on the market because waiting since 2013 is crazy and when they finally did ship out bolt again I can’t even install that part because all my door locks keys are Kwikset. This is unreal how long it takes when other companies have pushed out the product much quicker.


@cameron Same here Dom. All doors Kwikset (Weiser here, same thing) except the Lockitron one. Have used bluetooth maybe twice on that door, so much slower than manually unlocking and locking via phone. Went and replaced the other 3 doors with Kwikset 916s that took a whopping 4 days from order to delivery. Had them all installed and integrated with Samsung SmartThings same day, instant push of a button to disarm alarm panel, unlock relevant doors, open garage door and turn on some interior lights and reverse when leaving. And yes, routines fire off faster than the Bolt would even connect to phone without bridge.

As for Cameron’s “almost ready to share updates on Bridge - we’ve got some cool stuff in progress here and will have news Soon™*.” I see it has been another 3 months again since any kind of blog post update…

  • “Soon” does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. “Soon” shall make no contract or warranty between Lockitron and the end user. “Soon” will arrive some day, Lockitron does guarantee that “soon” will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on “soon” as Lockitron will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at “soon.”


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@cameron Still no Bridge updates? I see they’re now available at Target (with units available locally at some stores near me). Does that mean you’ve already shipped to those that have been waiting for this, or are you making stock available to new customers first?


@cameron Can we Pleeeeaaaaaase, get an update on Bridge shipping? I really don’t understand what is so diffucult about that…


Why can i buy a MiLocks Lockitron Bridge at Best Buy, and you haven’t shipped my already paid-for bridge?



Nice, and 4 day to arrive, and free shipping …


sigh …


hmmmm thats ummm… yea… wth…


Bit of a stretch, but does anyone know if the Insteon Bridge will work with Lockitron? Says it works with MiLocks but not sure if Lockitron is close to same (like the MiLock bridge).



CAMERON ROBERTSON never answers about the international shipment.
This is definitely the worst project I ever seen.

Someone mentioned that Lockitron is now available to purchase from below:

Is this their product or copycat???


@Rattay780 @Jason_Silva @Mike328 Target and BestBuy committed to units early on. We stopped producing that Bridge since we’ve run out of chips; we’ve been working to produce a new model in the mean time.

The new model will feature a number of improvements - the biggest one being that you can control multiple locks from it. We’re heads down on getting it ready but we have beta units and are locking it in for production. I’m pretty excited about a few of the other features it includes but we’re not ready to talk about them just yet.

If you want to grab an available Bridge from Target (or BestBuy in Canada), reach out at support@lockitron.com and we’ll process a refund on your existing Bridge order with the caveat that they are the last of that model.

@Hanako we’re still working on international shipments for countries outside of Canada. When we have an update on how we’re handling logistics there, I’ll post. We now indicate as backordered on Lockitron.com, but Target.com is in stock today.


What do you mean “Target.com is in stock today”?

Answer all of my questions.
Is the Lockitron selling in Target.com totally same product of yours?
If I purchase from Target.com today, it can deliver internationally right now?
What is taking so long to ship internationally?