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Bridge - Shipping Updates


@Rattay780 @Jason_Silva @Mike328 Target and BestBuy committed to units early on. We stopped producing that Bridge since we’ve run out of chips; we’ve been working to produce a new model in the mean time.

The new model will feature a number of improvements - the biggest one being that you can control multiple locks from it. We’re heads down on getting it ready but we have beta units and are locking it in for production. I’m pretty excited about a few of the other features it includes but we’re not ready to talk about them just yet.

If you want to grab an available Bridge from Target (or BestBuy in Canada), reach out at support@lockitron.com and we’ll process a refund on your existing Bridge order with the caveat that they are the last of that model.

@Hanako we’re still working on international shipments for countries outside of Canada. When we have an update on how we’re handling logistics there, I’ll post. We now indicate as backordered on Lockitron.com, but Target.com is in stock today.


What do you mean “Target.com is in stock today”?

Answer all of my questions.
Is the Lockitron selling in Target.com totally same product of yours?
If I purchase from Target.com today, it can deliver internationally right now?
What is taking so long to ship internationally?


there ya go…


@Hanako @Jason_Silva if they do ship internationally and you want to order through them, let me know and I can help refund your order.


Thank you for your comment!

Thank you, this is first time that I actually heard the reason for delaying the international shipment.
So next question, when do you get the “chips” and when do you start shipping internationally?
I know you are avoiding to answer this question, but I need to know roughly, like Q4 or something.
Just give us a guesstimate.

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when do you get the “chips” and when do you start shipping internationally?
I know you are avoiding to answer this question, but I need to know roughly, like Q4 or something.
Just give us a guesstimate.


I’m a domestic backer, place in line is 15305. I ordered and paid for this thing 3.5 years ago. There haven’t been any updates or shipping notices. What place in line are you currently shipping to?


@ksr141 Bolt wasn’t announced 3.5 years ago. We sent out an email to migrate your crowdfunded order to Bolt, shipped all migrated domestic orders last year and have had a few blog posts on the topic.

Reach out to support@lockitron.com so we can locate your order to get you a migration order. Since we’re waiting on units again, it will be a little while.

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“On the production front we’re still working to secure the timeline for when the replacement Bridge will be ready and will send out an update once it is.”

So no updates to blog in 6 months…


For those in Canada looking for a Bridge, Best Buy has it on sale right now.
Only $40. Mine just arrived today. Not many left in stock.


"Hi, still curious about bridge shipping updates?"
Is what I posted may 7th. I am still curious. I would suggest that all backers should start posting more and put more pressure on this company to deliver what was promised a VERY long time ago but as we all know with non stop badgering for close to 4years they changed what they promised to deliver then said for a nominal fee pay for a bridge. FINALLY fulfilling there promise of the original order, now we have the long (1 can only assume at least 4years) wait for them to fulfill that promise. Also curious about this target and Best Buy committing to units early on statement. Clearly this is not talking about the original lockitron(why would you need to crowd fund if you had such huge backers) so why would they have priority over the original backers. @cameron and the rest of you at lockitron, I am unbelievably disappointed with you.


This product is a nightmare.
I have been asking for update in other thread(Bolt - Shipping updates).
Then Cameron sent me a warning message to me not to post continuously, although he does not answer the question.


Are bridges shipping? I’ve so far received only one of the bolts I order and the one I did get didn’t come with a bridge. How are these guys selling these things in stores without fulfilling the open orders? Kind of blows my mind.


I received 2 Bolts in April '17 (I think)…Still no updates on the Dashboard re Bridges. Are they ever going to be shipped?


So…no comments or response? I guess considering everything else has taken months or even years to resolve, a few days to respond to a question from a customer should not come as a surprise.


@cameron, any update on bridge shipment to Canadian backers?


@cameron I have neen waiting for a response on this for 23d…never mind how long I have been waiting on devices. I was going to ask for a straight answer for once but I will settle for an acknowledgment these posts are even being read now…