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Canadian bridges


So, it has been many years now with your bs on new bridges. After taking forever for a ground breaking new lock that performs less than any competitors products that have actually been released since (in much less time than yours), are we ever going to have our bridges shipped? Hopefully making your late to market, craptastic product slightly more useful? You know, like originally promised???

Ps, way to update your blog. Too busy with our money in some Carribean island?


I think it’s more likely they’re going under.


I’ve had my bridge for a couple years now. What I don’t have is the keypad attachment. Over a year ago I was told it would be a couple of weeks. Now I email them once a month to remind them how long I’ve been waiting since they told me it would be a couple of weeks.


…and the reason the Keypad is so important is because the the process to unlock the door is too slow when you are actually standing in front of the door. (i.e. it’s all very handy when you are remote and the Bridge is working, but bluetooth connection time tries the patience of the uncommitted (aka spouse))
(oh, and Sense? forget about it…)

Whatever happened to “temporary” lock access or guest codes that only work for specific time slots and can be easily deactivated?

With all this complaining I do want to extend my thanks to Lockitron for maintaining the central server. When that goes away we’ll need to use physical keys, just like in the old days.


I found using IFTTT way more reliable than sense. GPS trigger.

We don’t really have a time delay issue with unlocking… Keypad is for guests… Because sending the electronic keys had been impossible.

Edit:. I changed the GPS trigger to lock the front door when my phone disconnects from the wifi and unlocks when it reconnects. Much faster and more reliable than sense.


@cameron wondering if you have any news on updates about bridges being shipped???


Any bridges for Canada??