Can't add Crowdfounded Lockitron again. HELP!

I have lockitron crowdfunded. I removed it from my account and now i cant add at again. Its says error from app on phone, and says that lockitron has been already added to my account from site. Your support email not answering!

@Mumus can you DM me with the serial number? I can take a look; Chamberlain took over the Lockitron assets last year. They are working to migrate Lockitron Bolt users to their platform.

I’m having the a similar issue with my bolt. I removed it and now I cannot add it again. When adding a device my bridge will show up and successfully blink up but I still see no lock in the app afterwards. I DMed my serial number to you @cameron I really hope there’s something you can do. I tried the myQ app and it is way slower than the lockitron app and they have no alexa skill :frowning: I’m gonna hold out as much as possible before I switch to myQ…

I’m having the same issue with my Bolt @cameron. Can I DM you the serial number?