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Can't sync crowdfunded Lockitron to WiFi without old app


My crowdfunded Lockitron (firmware 1449200870) drained the batteries and I was too lazy to replace them for a few weeks.
After I did, it didn’t remember the WiFi info – so I tried setting it from Support options in the app (latest, 3.5.?). That didn’t work – the lock just keeps trying to sync for a long time, and then gives up. Resetting via 3sec powercycle didn’t work - and neither did clearing WiFi settings (seemed like cleared, but when setting new one, it wouldn’t work again)
Removing the lock from my account and re-adding it didn’t work - same symptom.

What did work was rolling back to app version 3.2 (149) – WiFi connected almost immediately.

Please fix the app asap!

Also, is there an option to use crowdfunded lockitron with BT, similar to Bolt?


@Frykun I’m not too familiar with the build numbers; is that on iOS or Android? Depending on the license key on your unit there may be Bluetooth support; some units lost their keys and we can no longer retrieve them.


I use an android.

I had BT at some point earlier (a few months back) and it was working much faster that WiFi – but the app kept switching to WiFi more often than necessary. Anyway, now the app doesn’t switch to BT mode at all


@Frykun there was a known issue on those units that was never resolved whereby updating the firmware would help in cases where the unit stopped connecting over Bluetooth.


Confirmed, just reflashed BT firmware (both, actually… just in case) and it’s working over BT!
If I clear WiFi settings on it now, will BT keep working? Will that save a lot of battery power?


@Frykun depending on usage I expect your Bluetooth on that unit to degrade again over time; I’m not sure how much power will be saved as I don’t know if the wake behavior on the WiFi chip will still search for networks on wake even when it is disconnected.


There’s still no app update… will there ever be one?
I wouldn’t imagine it’s that hard to fix this error, especially since it was working properly before!


@Frykun we’re not releasing any further updates to the crowdfunded Lockitron. Are you still referring to the Bluetooth error on the crowdfunded Lockitron? That’s firmware side, not app side. We’re still working on app updates.


@cameron I meant the app update to fix wifi syncup issue – but in regards to crowdfunded lockitron.

If there won’t be any support for the crowdfunded lockitron firmware, any chance the code will get released as open source for community support?