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Connectivity issues


First, I gotta say I love the new lockitron. Definitely an upgrade from the previous version.

My issue is, the connectivity is very unreliable either with Bluetooth or WIFI. I get an “attempting to connect” message at least once a day with no success. This makes it impossible for me to leave my place without the keys which beats the purpose of having the unit in the first place.

Anybody experiencing the same issue?

Additionally, any plans to implement lockitron to Alexa?


@cameron any input on this issue?


FYI, I have not been able to connect at all for the past 24 hours, bluetooth or wifi


@alejandro_m Hey there, I don’t work for Lockitron, but maybe I can help.
Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t require the web or bridge, it should always connect locally.

If you’re getting an unable to connect, does removing a battery and reinserting it fix the issue?

When you remove the battery cover, are either of the status lights on? There’s a blue light and a green light.

Also of great assistance: what model phone are you using?

And of course, if you haven’t already, send an e-mail to support@lockitron.com with the details.



Also, I don’t have the skill set to develop an unofficial Alexa skill, but you could adapt my cURL guide to work with the IFTTT maker channel.

From there, it should be easy enough to create an Alexa trigger.


Thank you Anthony,

Yes removing the battery fixes it but then after a few hours, it happens again.

I have an Iphone 6s. I will try your IFTTT suggestion for Alexa.


Go to the Lockitron app, and under Lock settings, update the firmware for your lock. It may advise you that you have the latest version, but proceed anyway.


I did that, I even uninstalled the app, removed the lock from the app and re-linked it again, everything works but after an hour or so, it loses connectivity again, I am reaching out to the support email team.