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Crowdfunded Firmware Update 1411004335 - Release Notes


Yesterday we pushed our new build of the Lockitron firmware (version 1411004335). This is a mandatory update for all devices and will also result in an update to Lockitron’s Bluetooth firmware (a separate piece of software).

You can now view what version of firmware your Lockitron is on from the Settings page in the web dashboard. You can request to reflash your Lockitron’s firmware if it seems to be on a previous version of the firmware. See our support documentation for more information.

Although you shouldn’t have to, you may need to remove and replace a battery if your Lockitron becomes non-responsive for more than 5 minutes.

This update includes:

  • Support for Lockitron’s new, more secure, more robust Bluetooth protocol (which additionally will be leveraged for Sense)
  • Stability fixes for when Bluetooth becomes unresponsive
  • Fixes for “stuck” firmware update percentages

This update requires that you update to the latest version of the iOS (2.2.1) and Android (2.1.5) to connect via our Bluetooth protocol. WiFi connectivity is unchanged by this update.


Android app updated
Guide to Lockitron v2 - [upd Apr 9]

Both my Lockitron’s seem to be on the latest firmware but I am having major issues with my iPhone 6 and iOS 8.

At home my Bluetooth indicator will constanly flash on and off until I force quit the app.

At my office Bluetooth doesn’t seem to work at all. For none of my employees. One of them has an iPhone 5c with iOS 7.0.1 and his Lockitron app crashes right away with Bluetooth on his phone enabled. With Bluetooth disabled he can at least start the app and use WiFi.

Would you be so kind and look into what’s going on? already sent two emails to support but haven’t heard back.



@Philipp sorry for the delay - sounds like the Bluetooth update didn’t finish on your office lock. We have a bug fix for the on/off Bluetooth waiting for app store approval (v 2.2.3 of iOS app).

I haven’t heard of the 7.0.1 bug - I will see if we can get a phone running 7.0.1 to diagnose.



Hey @cameron thanks. How can I fix the Bluetooth on my office Lockitron? Can I re flash it?





@Philipp pinged you via email!



I too am in a state where bluetooth doesn’t connect at all. We have new iPhone 6s, and I’m not sure if that has any impact or not.

I also found that the Lockitron seems to not only have been stuck, but ate its batteries completely. I replaced them with new ones, but the bluetooth icon never lights up now.



I’m having the same issue where I am unable to connect to the bluetooth at all on my moto x. Sucks.



I tried hitting the ‘reflash’ button on the settings pane of the web ui and restarting my phone. No help.



Yeah this sucks. i dont think they test these builds on a wide range of devices. Nonetheless, I have my Lockitron on dedicated DC power, so the wifi is on all the time making bluetooth somewhat moot anyway. I sure was looking forward to the “new and improved bluetooth protocol” though.



It seems like the update path is unfortunately what broke for a number of folks; while we tested this internally, the scale of this update created some issues. We will be following up with a web update tonight so folks can update the independent Bluetooth component without our intervention.



The refresh through the Web portal is only for the main firmware, it doesn’t update bluetooth firmware. Try forcing a ble firmware update over the api (or ask Cameron to do it). I was having all kinds of bluetooth problems before I force flashed through the api.



Sorry, Cameron and I responded at the same time. Do what he says. :slight_smile:



Just updated the Bluetooth support doc to reflect web changes - http://help.lockitron.com/article/70-lockitron-isnt-connecting-to-my-phone-over-bluetooth.

You can now reflash the Bluetooth firmware as well - we don’t recommend doing this until you have exhausted all other possibilities including rebooting the unit, rebooting your phone and the app as well as testing using a Bluetooth scanner app.

The Bluetooth firmware updates take 5-15 minutes and we working on indicating the update progress in the web dashboard - we originally showed this in the mobile app however the Bluetooth update is far more prone to “get stuck” and will not brick your device if it fails (you will be able to control it via web, but not Bluetooth).



Well, there’s a separate bluetooth reflash button now, but it does bugger all.



Mine still has not received this update.



@keyboardr 1411693751 is the latest now - do you see this one?



ah, yes. got it.

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