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Crowdfunded Firmware Update 1411693751 - Release Notes


We’ve just pushed a minor (rather than major) release for 1411693751. This means that won’t automatically be pushing this update to everyone just yet. The release is chock full of fixes and upgrades including:

  • Setting handedness (whether your door locks or unlocks when turned clockwise) now persists properly on newer firmware variants when a device restarted.
  • Bluetooth lock and unlock events now properly reflect the user who carried them out rather than “by hand”
  • Delayed WiFi lock and unlock events will not be carried out after other events have already occurred (if your device was slow to connect after being unlocked by hand or WiFi you may have had phantom lock or unlock events sooner after)
  • Unexpected WiFi disconnect events will now be logged in activities (currently reflected on iOS, adding to web); if you see a few of these it indicates that Lockitron is too close to or too far from your router. State, event logging and WiFi commands will all be impacted by a poor WiFi connection.

…and a few other upgrades behind the scenes which we will be exposing as the clients catch up. If you would like to update to this version, select “Reflash Firmware” on your lock settings page in the Lockitron dashboard (you need to be the lock owner to do this). We don’t currently show update progress via web, however we’re working on this.

Known bugs for this build and the previous build include a crash that we’re working to debug where Lockitron becomes completely unresponsive until reboot by removal of battery. This crash is difficult to replicate, however, we’re working on it now.


Crowdfunded Firmware Update 1418069060 - Release Notes

Really appreciate these types of updates.



Thank you very much for these subtle updates and fixes!!