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Crowdfunded Firmware Update 1435891388 - Release Notes


We’ve release firmware version 1435891388 for the crowdfunded Lockitron units. This is a minor release and won’t be triggering an automatic update. We highly recommend you upgrade to this release if you’re still on 1411004335 or 1411693751. This includes all of the previous updates along with some changes below:

  • Improvements for iOS devices connecting via Sense (our next public app release will also help, let me know if you would like to join the beta in the meantime)
  • Improvements for Android devices connecting via Bluetooth (if you’re a beta tester for the Android app you’ll want to update your firmware first)

In addition to this we expect an update for the Imp WiFi module to come through soon.

The same caveats apply to updating to this release as any previous updates - your device will become unresponsive during the update and you might need to re-initiate or restart your Lockitron if the update fails due to poor WiFi connectivity. See http://help.lockitron.com/article/83-what-is-lockitrons-firmware-version for more information.

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