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Crowdfunded Firmware Update 1449200870 - Release Notes


We’ve just pushed a minor firmware release, 1449200870. This means we aren’t automatically updating everyone to this release just yet. It’s likely that all future updates will be minor releases as major releases trigger an automated update procedure which can happen at undesirable times. Additionally, we’re now noting that these releases are for the “Crowdfunded” Lockitron so as not to conflate with Lockitron Bolt.

To update, head to the settings page for your crowdfunded Lockitron and select “Reflash Firmware” under the advanced section. No Bluetooth update is required.

Once the update is complete you should see the version number above reflected in the Settings section.

This includes the updates included in the last minor release as well as an important fix to the Bluetooth advertising flags that was causing issues with Android BLE connectivity. Android users who are NOT on the latest version of the Android beta app will still experience connectivity issues. iOS users on older releases should still update as previous minor updates rolled into this one include changes to the advertising behavior that are more optimal for iOS devices.


Guide to Lockitron v2 - [upd Apr 9]