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Crowdfunded Lockitron can’t setup


I purchased a used Lockitron on eBay. Support was able to contact the previous owner and remove it from his account. I was able to get past the enter serial number screen and try to blink up. I keep getting an error that says the device is already registered. I reached out to support and they told me to enter talented cafe 41 as the serial, blink up, clear Wi-Fi, And then proceed to enter my actual serial and blink up again. Upon doing this the lock does connect and is visible on my Wi-Fi network. I am also able to see it’s Bluetooth being broadcasted with BLE scanner on an android phone. I used an iPad for the blink up process. The problem is is I still got the already registered error and it doesn’t show up in the app or on my dashboard. I repeated this process several times to no avail. Any other ideas?


@ffyter did the previous owner remove it from their account? Unfortunately those units are 4-5 years old now and many are malfunctioning.