Delayed (1-2 weeks deliver)

I’m new to lockitron and I fell for the false advertisement (i.e. 1-2 weeks delivery) Ordered a Bolt Without Bridge-Quicksilver on July 6th 2016. Expecting delivery by Now!. Imaging my surprise to find this forum today, because I bought I I though to be a shipping product.
Lockitron should really stop taking people money on false premises. (because they charge when ordered and not with shipping). It is borderline fraud to advertise 1-2 weeks delivery and then sit on the money without ever communicating real shipping expectation for your customers.

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I ordered 2 lockitrons with bolt and 1 without in November of 2015. I have received the single Lockitron and order stated it was complete.!!! There seems to be no direct communication with purchasers. Lock seems nice and works well, customer service is non existent. I have sent emails but haven’t gotten a response sinc 1/16. and it was obviously not in direct response to my question.

@antiflash we need to change this on the site. Ran out of stock on those units, although we have a bunch more in the next shipment which is en route. We can either cancel your order now or hold off until the next units arrive in September.