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Direct Bluetooth Connection


Would it be possible to connect directly to the Bolt with a Bluetooth compatible HA Hub (I have Homey in mind) and control it that way? Does your API allow this?


Hey there!
I’m not familiar with Homey and its programming, but there are other “systems” you could use in between.

This comes to mind:


@shadowshak this is something we’re working on enabling for developers, drop us a line if you’re interested.


Thanks for your reply. (I spent about 15 minutes searching for a GIF of someone dropping a line, but eventually gave up.)

I am by no means a developer…I was just wondering if, as a consumer, I could buy only the Bolt, not the Bridge, and still be able to connect to it through a Bluetooth-enabled hub that I (would) already own.

Danalock is more expensive than just Lockitron, but cheaper than both the bridge and Lockitron together…same with Sesame and others…so this may influence which one people (including me) would buy.


@shadowshak thanks for the feedback, very helpful.


I second this! My wife would pack up and leave if I dragged any more boxes and cables inside the house.
My HA-system is quite extensive and I have a server with BT up 24/7. Only need to know if I can somehow send open/close-commands from pc to lock via BT? If so, on which level? HTTP or in a more hack n’ grind fashion?


@Oyvind Hey there! The solution above from @zero_divide_1 still applies for crowdfunded Lockitron v2 units.

I’m not aware of anything right out of the gate with Bolt, but that could always (hopefully) change. I know working with Bluetooth (and the security used for the “key”) can be a bit tricky.

At any rate, Bridge is expected to be reasonably small as per the photos on the blog, so it can be placed close to the lock (range can be an issue with Bluetooth).

Looping in @cameron so he can add a +1 here.


@Oyvind @anthonylavado our hope is to allow for this. We’re currently back porting our old Bluetooth profiles to Bolt to speed development, however, we consider this a beta implementation and won’t be supporting it forever.

For stability and range issues we recommend Bridge here via the v2 API which isn’t going anywhere. How far is the server from the door in question?


I’m lost… someone is talking about a solution from @zero_divide_1 but I do not see any post from zero_divide_1 in this thread. So… .is it possible or not to connect directly via Bluetooth without using web api? Any documentation?

Thank you!


Hi @Ciao121!

The crowdfunded Lockitron (fits over your door lock) version has basic Bluetooth support with a bash script on GitHub.

The Lockitron Bolt does not currently allow access via Bluetooth.
You must use either the app, or the Bridge (for Web API) access.

The Lockitron team has said they may eventually allow this, but it would take some work to do so. I’d imagine there are security reasons (including “keys” and making sure only you can create new ones).