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Do hand-operated lock/unlocks send webhooks?


When my phone is connected via bluetooth, hand-operated locks cause status to update correctly on the app. When I disable bluetooth and route over wifi via Bridge, that functionality is gone.

I built an integration with SmartThings that utilizes the API, but if the webhooks don’t trigger on hand-operated locking activity, the status will be incorrect on a frequent basis (basically every time I unlock the door when I leave the house).


@jamesmeador I believe they’re supposed to report back, but polling is delayed/inconsistent on Bridge at the moment.

I don’t recall if the Beta firmware is supposed to help with this… @cameron?


@anthonylavado @jamesmeador not just yet; the beta firmware grabs the state but it doesn’t help with manual unlock and lock activities just yet. There are a few improvements that need to be made on the web and Bridge firmware before we can grab those.


@cameron any update here? I actually find myself in a similar spot, and would love this functionality.


I have everything working for real-time HomeKit updates for manual lock/unlock events in Homebridge using webhooks, I just need them to reliable be sent by the Lockitron bridge…


@kcharwood what firmware version are you on for Bolt?


@cameron Firmware Version 1496963301