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Doesn't unlock after I leave and come right back


When I leave the house, lock the door, go to the car 10 feet from the lock, then remember I forgot something so I go back to the door, shouldn’t Sense proximity unlock for me? Or do I have to use my phone or key?


It only unlocks for you once you have left the sense unlock configured area that you see in the settings for it. By default it’s set to 500m. So if you didn’t change that setting you actually have to leave an area of 500m before auto unlock will unlock the door for you when you come back home.


Lockitron sense does not work like that. It is by a large radius because gps signal is not 100% accurate. By default it is set to 500m i believe. This is to prevent the lockitron from unlocking incase of the gps not being accurate. Nobody would want their door unlock randomly because of a poor gps report.


Any idea if the keypad will help with this use case? It feels like I do this all the time.


The keypad won’t change how auto unlock works.
But at least you would be able to punch the key code to get in.
Will also make it easier to lock on your way out.


@Sarringt @klidec correct; the big thing here is that we use geofencing to ensure we only unlock once when you’ve returned home. This is a safeguard to ensure we don’t repeatedly trigger Sense actions.


Just to confirm, sense will not work unless you have a bridge?


Hey @Trev339,
Sense uses Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0), which is built in to the lock. Most phones since ~2014 should have it as well.

Bridge is only required for remote lock/unlock operations. This can be when you’re not within Bluetooth range of the door, are away, or if you want to connect it to another system (like a Home Automation hub).


Thank you very much!