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Door Sense Sensor


I saw that August Lock has a small sensor that you install on or in the door frame that lets the user know when the door is closed or not, and have a greatly improved auto lock feature.

I want to suggest if a sensor like this can be made with Lockitron Bolt. I know that Bolt uses Bluetooth so the sensor could connect to the Bolt or the Bridge via Bluetooth and will only activate “On Demand”.
For example: Only Activates When:

  1. When the user opens the Lockitron app
    (I believe having an On Demand will save battery rather then having it connected constantly)


A plugin can be sold with the sensor that Lockitron Bolt customers can connect it to their Bolts and instead of using Bluetooth, this plugin will be a low radio protocol that will only communicate with the sensor hence save the battery more than using the Bluetooth connection.

This feature stops the lock from locking if the door is open or allows it to lock immediately when the door is closed.

I believe this will fundamentally change the way auto lock features work. Instead of relying on GPS which is unreliable with smart door locks, a sensor like what August implemented will improve the accuracy.

For example:

  1. Set the app to lock the door as soon as the door is closed.
  2. Set a timer from 5 seconds—5 minutes in scenarios where the user leaves home, the app will no longer need to depend on the users unreliable phone GPS distance.