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Doorbot bundle shipping date?


I just read your blog and you guys started shipping again. I’m just wondering for people that ordered the bundle, are you gonna ship them to doorbot first or directly to us?

It will take longer from lockitron to doorbot then to us. You think you can just ship to us directly and give us an estimated shipping date? If not, when will you ship them to doorbot (since we didn’t get any estimated date)?


fun fact: i ordered a doorbot seperate (thinking i would get the lockitron way sooner)…turns out I got the doorbot about 3 weeks ago…funny how things turn out :smile:


Yep, my Doorbot is hanging around the front door impatiently waiting for his Lockitron buddy too.


Anyone found out anything yet?


A bit worrying to see that post started in December 2013 and with no reaction from Lokitron.

Is this possible to get at least an estimation delivery date for those having made this (fake) bundle purchase?


Hey there.
I don’t work for Lockitron, but my understanding is that when you get a Doorbot bundle, Doorbot essentially places an order on your behalf with Lockitron. So any bundle Lockitrons will get shipped to Doorbot, who would then ship it to you.

No word on whether Doorbot has placed a big bundle order, or if each order is placed individually. At any rate, because the order was placed through Doorbot, the Lockitron team has advised that you would need to contact Doorbot support for more information.


This is what Doorbot team replied.

"Thank you for following up. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience, but Lockitron was experiencing heavy backorders due to some performance issues and ensuring that their product, which ultimately provides security to one’s home, was performing well. That being said, we have been made aware that Lockitron is in the process of honoring its earliest shipments, and that our orders will be attended to shortly. We are realizing that this extra delay provides us with a value-add in that we are able to monitor their performance with regard to earlier customers, so as to best ensure that our customers receive the best product possible. Further, once we receive a shipping schedule from Lockitron, we will be able to create our own shipping schedule on our end and thus, provide you with a better timeline.


Doorbot Support Team"


That’s a bull answer. I ordered a package of the two and already have my doorbot. Got it around Christmas.


and let me ask you, does your doorbot even work properly? mine sure as hell doesnt! what a piece of garbage! it rarely sends notifications, the first ring never goes through, the video is terrible, not to mention whenever the doorbot checks to see the network, it makes the speaker pop… everytime that happens, my doorbell rings in the house! what a piece of useless garbage! not to mention, the community is literally kept in the shadows! absolute GARBAGE!


I have pretty clear picture, audio is of good quality most of the time. I’ve had issues with it staying connected to my wifi in the past. That seems to be fixed now. However, regarding the notification, I did open the app and look at the history a few days ago and saw several notifications in it that I had not received before.

So notifications MUST be addressed.

Other than that. VERY happy with that product.


Thanks for your answers both of you


Doorbot is not perfect but it did helped me talk to the Fedex guy and left a huge package to my neighbor when I was at work. I was also able to see and talk to someone at the door when I was down at the basement working out.

It seems like neither of the team know what number we are in and unable to provide an estimate ship date…


Okay, I have some more information on this.

Looking back through the Shipping Updates thread, I saw this:

No word on if this is still the case, but I do believe that yes, Doorbot will still be handling the fulfillment (final shipping).

This did come across Twitter recently from the @lockitron account:

Don’t forget to check out Doorbot’s FAQ about Lockitron (if you haven’t already): http://www.getdoorbot.com/pages/faqs#lockitron


Sorry to revive a very old thread but it seems the most relevant to my query. We ordered a Lockitron device as a bundle through doorbot back in April 2013. We have long ago received our doorbot/ring however are still struggling to get an update on when we will receive the lockitron unit. The lockitron team have advised through email support that I need to talk to the Doorbot/Ring team and can’t confirm ETA on delivery. The Doorbot/Ring team have advised that they are still waiting on the devices to be provided by Lockitron and have simply offered a refund as they can’t provide any further details as they are waiting on Lockitron.

So my queries are:

  1. Has anyone who ordered a doorbot/lockitron bundle received the lockitron yet?
  2. If not then has anyone received a more useful response with estimated shipping dates?
  3. Finally if no to both of the above then am I better cancelling my order and getting the refund and re-ordering through Amazon (which is currently showing a wait of 1-2 mths and will ship internationally)?



@mark_sink it’s likely easier to refund via Ring since we don’t have Bridge units to ship them along with Bolts.