Email from Chamberlain - MyQ app

I hope it works with the bridge.

Can you paste the email communication?
I clicked on add device and don’t see any door lock options.

I think there is a new MyQ app. I had to remove the old one (I also have a Chamberlain Garage door) and download the new one:

Here is the email communication:

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I don’t know for the bridge, I’m still waiting for it :roll_eyes:
Until then, I just really care for Sense functionality.


Hmmm. I did install the new app. Maybe they are releasing the functionality slowly to customers.

I tried deleting the new myq app and re-installing.
I still don’t see the lockitron as an option.
But i’m glad they are working on it!

I installed myq app, told needed newer version, and downloaded. There was an option for lockitron bolt…yay. Connected bolt to new app…workef from app ( though lock/unlock orientation in app wrong). Other than lock or unlock within app…could not get sny more functionality out of. Uninstalled and reloaded Lockitron app. IFTT and Google work well with old app.

Thanks! So no Sense in MyQ App. I will keep the Lockitron app for now.

My myQ app finally gave me the option to setup my Lockitron.
It looks like it only supports Bluetooth connection right now. Which is a non starter for me.
This also probably means that they won’t be updating/fixing the issues with the original Lockitron app.
A bit disappointing. I hope they support the bridge and if not I hope they offer some
Sort of new bridge that works with the Lockitron. Though I’m not sure I can wait any longer and might need to purchase some new locks.

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With regard to Bluetooth Only… I’m hoping that is a reference to SETUP only… but given the warning that the Lockitron App will no longer work, I don’t have the inclination to be the first to try today… maybe over the weekend…

PS. myQ Ver. 4.127.32114
Sure would be nice to have some documentation instead of trial&error guessing.
The best Google could find for MyQ&Locktiron was this thread. :wink:

I gave it try and can confirm it’s bluetooth only right now in the myQ app.
There was also (at least for me) no problem with letting the myQ app pair with the lock to test it and then remove it from the myQ app and re-pair with the Lockitron app.
I’m back and running with the lockitron app. Though i still have the issue with incorrect status when on wifi because the API’s don’t get updated lock status for some reason unless i connect via BT from the app.

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@klidec thanks for the added confidence that getting back is not too hard.
I went ahead and converted to the MyQ app.
Bluetooth ONLY: confirmed.
No lock unlock history in the MyQ app (it does maintain history for garage door Open/Close events.

I safely made it back to the Lockitron app.

I feel like Charlie Brown and the football… Lucy (MyQ) yanked it away at the last moment.
The sad thing is, I’ll try again on the next iteration :wink:

tried Chamberlain app and was able to go back to Lockitron app last week. Now however my lock will not connect to phone with Bluetooth or WiFi…though I see it recognized on dashboard on the web. But WiFi or not…should still connect via Bluetooth. Frustrating.

Did you remove the lock from the Lockitron app? And re install as of new?

Yep… Phone sees the lock and auto fills the serial number…but after that I get scanning, connecting, authenticating over and over.

…also, did you delete the Lock/Bolt from the MyQ app?
The return trip from MyQ to Lockitron App was a little bumpy. I used all the standard resets:

  • Delete Lockitron App
  • Delete Lock from MyQ App
  • Remove batteries from lock
  • Unplug bridge from power

I did most steps more than once. Not sure of the final order, but it did finally work again with the Lockitron App.

I’m also going to guess that the MyQ App will never support WiFi access to the Lock:

  • Chamberlain won’t support the Lockitron Bridge. (speculation)
  • Chamberlain won’t support Bluetooth connectivity from the Chamberlain Hub to the Lock. (speculation) [Proximity of the Chamberlain Hub to the Lockitron Lock will be problematic]

…all to say I’m sticking with the Lockitron App. If/When the Lockitron App is no longer available, I’ll evaluate my options at that time.

Just wanted to weigh in here with what I can – the important take away by this email should be that the MyQ app is starting to support Lockitron functionality and that the folks at Chamberlain are moving forward on that path.

I sure wish the Chamberlain folks would provide a road-map of support for Lockitron functionality.
Lack of communication motivates reasonable, patient (6 years, 7 months and counting) people to look for alternatives. Even cheapskates like me understand the concepts of sunk-costs and moving on.
e.g: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/u-bolt-pro-the-ultimate-6-in-1-smart-deadbolt $149

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I received and email from MyQ today indicating the Smart Garage Hub Gen 3 is compatible with Lockitron and will act as a bridge to be able to control it from anywhere. I’m interested to see how this will piece together since I have the HomeBridge to control my garage door with Siri. Does this mean I may also have official voice control over my Lockitron too? We’ll have to see once the Smart Garage Hub arrives.