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I received and email from MyQ today indicating the Smart Garage Hub Gen 3 is compatible with Lockitron and will act as a bridge to be able to control it from anywhere. I’m interested to see how this will piece together since I have the HomeBridge to control my garage door with Siri. Does this mean I may also have official voice control over my Lockitron too? We’ll have to see once the Smart Garage Hub arrives.

My Lockitron; Bolt, Keybad and Bridge. I was trying to use MyQ app, and it was working for a while. However, the PINcode, that Im using in the KeyPad, was not longer working. So I removed the MyQ app and istalled the Lockitron App instead.
Does anyone has information how the work is going at Chamberlain?

If you owned the Lockitron Bridge Chamberlain should have sent you an email to get their Hub 3 for free to replace the Lockitron Bridge. If you didn’t receive the email I would suggest contacting Chamberlain support to inquire. The Hub 3 will allow you to control Lockitron from anywhere as you could with the bridge.

Chamberlain support has been really helpful.
They answered my questions about the gen 3 hub and they are actually sending me two gen3 hubs because I have two bolts with bridges. I learned that at least right now each gen 3 hub can only pair with one lockitron bolt.
So definitely inquire about their support for the keypad.

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Hi, how did things go with the gen 3 hub? Did you get it and how did it work? Would be interesting to hear about your experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Still waiting on there arrival.
But I’ll report once I receive them and get them setup.


I got this response from Chamberlain.

Thank you for your interest in the Smart Garage Hub Gen 3. Currently this hub is only available in the supported U.S. and Canada regions. Unfortunately we do not have a solution that exists outside of these supported areas.

Thank you,

The myQ Team

Let me know when you have tested it :slightly_smiling_face:.

Got mine also, allthough my garage is 50 meters away from my lockitron. So don’t see how this will work. Also question about the bridge and api and my home assistant, inhad my bridge sent to a usa address since i live in Iceland

Mine arrive this Wednesday.
I’ll be setting them up shortly after.
You need to place them near the locks just like the old Lockitron bridges.
You need one gen 3 hub per Lockitron Bolt. In my case one hub will be able to control the garage door and one of my two Lockitron bolts because the Lockitron bolt is on the garage entry door. My second gen 3 hub will be installed upstairs near the front door to my house.
@haffi sounds like you need one for the garage door and one for you Lockitron bolt further away. Or you could just keep your old myQ hub for the garage and use the new gen three hub near the Lockitron bolt.

Can you let us know how it goes :slight_smile: also regarda to the bug we haf with the status :slight_smile:

For sure. I’ll report back here. Really hoping status issues get resolved. Then I might even buy a third bolt.

I contacted the customer service and I got forwarded to the EU support who told me that only US consumers will get the hub… Sounds crazy to me… :angry:.

Anyone who has an idea on how to proceed in this case?