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Emulate bridge on linux



Is it possible to emulate bridge on Linux? Or at least emulate Android (iPhone) app on Linux?
I have Raspberry Pi 3 which has built in bluetooth and would really like to control my Lockitron directly from Rasperry Pi.



@petkov_d There was something here about two years ago: Lockitron-bash updated w/immediate lock/unlock

But that was designed for Lockitron V2, not Lockitron Bolt. Because of that, I have no idea if it will work, and I have not tested it.


Cant imagine that info going out in public, bridge is another form of profit for the company, i doubt they would want to lose that profit. I wish they would though so i can use the bolt with winks bluetooth or the bluetooth in the wonk relay, i just HATE how so many iot devices have their own hubs, a huge pissoff.


@Jason_Silva Without going in to a whole other topic of discussions regarding IoT hubs and why there are so many of them, Bluetooth is just one of those technologies where range really is a factor.

Though the Wink Hub and associate products do have Bluetooth in them (and in the case of the Wink Hub 2, better Bluetooth), they still haven’t been opened up by Wink to be used with any products. That is to say, Wink has not certified or allowed any products to connect by Bluetooth.

@petkov_d I just reviewed the bash script in the other thread (it has been a long time), and discovered that it won’t be able to accomplish what you are looking for. It just uses Bluetooth to wake the V2, which had it’s own Wifi built in that would activate on wake. In the case of the Bolt, you would still need the Bridge.


But they have an Android app that can do everything I need. So potentially I can use my old Android phone with some UI automation script. But this is not ideal.
I was able to find the some script that is supposed to talk to Lockitron (https://gist.github.com/pbnjay/a2c6100f87d0e4c8fb0a629f67e2c856), and the author mensioned that he was able to run it on Wink Hub. Not sure if it still works with the latest version of the lock.


@petkov_d I’m going to steer clear of getting to deep in this discussion on the moment as most folks want something that works out of the box today and we need to stay focused on getting the revised version of Bridge out the door (which, along with Keypad, we are at the moment).

That last gist is a good starting point, although there were some minor differences between v2 and Bolt units.

Quick aside - @Jason_Silva if the folks at Wink (or Smartthings for that matter) were serious about integrating Lockitron at the Bluetooth level, we would completely support that.

Since Quirky went under, we haven’t heard much from them. @anthonylavado is right; range is a massive issue. If you prioritized placement of your hub for Lockitron it should work with 1-2 doors. Just want to emphasize that we aren’t stonewalling any integration here.


With the wink hub range can be a problem, but wink relay is another ballgame, as long as you have a lightswitch near your door, then you could have it working perfectly. Although we will never know if or when bluetooth compatibility will ever be used. I can honestly say, i have purposely avoided a couple iot devices just because they had a hub or bridge, its annoying having multiple bridges taking up outlets and power and all the clutter. I just stuck with lockitron because of the awesome support and product with so many features.


Hey @cameron. I was able to reverse engineered the code of android app, but I still don’t understand how do you read battery level from the lock? I see that you are using a field Lock.batteryPercentage to display it in the app, but I don’t understand where it is set. I don’t see any reference to a battery in the BLE code neither. Could you please give me a hint and point me in the right direction? I will really appreciate that.


Hey @cameron, could you please reply?


@petkov_d as I recall, we don’t expose battery level publicly via Bluetooth; I think you need the API for this.