Error when switching back to Lockitron API from myQ

I moved over to myQ while the lockitron bridge servers were down, and now I need to go back lockitron since myQ is unreliable and doesn’t support any 3rd party integrations.

When adding the serial number of my lock, I get the following error:
“Error: This device has already been registered to this account”

My account does not have any locks showing up in the list after signing into the Lockitron Android app and says “Feeling Empty?”. There are also zero locks on my lockitron dashboard.

Any idea how to go back to using Lockitron instead of myQ?

Thanks in advanced for your help!

@samwise the migration is intended as a one-way path; Lockitron.com won’t be supported into the future, so I recommend sticking with MyQ. I can take a look at the current state of your Lockitron if you PM me the serial number.

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