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Excessive notifications


Hey all, i have question regarding my crowdfunded lockitron. I hard wired it a while ago for all the reasons many others have. Recently it stopped working so I took it apart, checked the connections, got it working again, no problem. Now, on my phone I’ve noticed i’ve been getting randomly, notifications that my door has been locked by hand. And not just one, but the notifications come in pairs. It will be at random times of the day and since I live alone, and have cameras, I’ve verified nobody is touching the door when the notifications are coming in.

I did have to play with the calibration settings a bit because it wasn’t unlocking all the way and in doing that i messed with the power control and power saver as well. Don’t remember seeing a description of what those do anywhere though. Any ideas what’s going on or what I can try to fix it?



I’m still having this issue. Nobody is touching the door and I’m getting operation notifications, including manual and remote operation. Any ideas? Could this be tied to power supply? Or software issue?


@sean2a Hey there, I don’t work for Lockitron, but I am a mod here on the forums. Sorry there hasn’t been a response, I must have missed this when it went up (I think it was when I was moving house).

It sounds like either the switches have a loose connection, or the knock sensor is being triggered to wake up thto device.

If you knock on the door (sometimes it has to be a heavy hit, like a kick), do you get those notifications?

I forget if you can see wake ups in the logs. It’s been a while since I had my CF Lockitron hooked up.


Thanks for the reply. I just banged on the door for a good 15 seconds and didn’t get any notifications. It’s totally random when it happens. Like when I’m not home and nobody is near the door.


@sean2a Hrm. I was thinking the wake up would be pushing things over that manifest as notifications. At this point, I might suspect some issue with the switches, or a firmware memory bug.

@cameron, any thoughts?


@sean2a that sounds like a software or switch issue. Have you tried re-programming the firmware?


In other words, reflash it? I can do that remotely right? I’ll give it a go. It’s just odd that it only stared when reconnected the hard wire. Makes me wonder if something got messed up. It’s only been intermittently working since then - or moody as I call it.


@sean2a that could indicate that the unit is browning out due to insufficient current. Maybe a bad connection or low voltage?


So I clicked re flash firmware yesterday and also replaced my hard wired system with a set of batteries but I’m still getting the false alarms. Any other ideas or thoughts?


@sean2a does it look like the knock sensor is touching anything?


I’m not 100% sure where the knock Sensor is. Here’s a picture of mine if you can tell or otherwise point it out.


@sean2a It’ll be behind the battery box. See this article: http://help.lockitron.com/article/81-lockitron-isnt-responding-to-door-knocks

There used to be a video that someone had up, but I haven’t been able to find it. If I can find my unit, I’ll see if I can take pictures.


@sean2a it’s under the battery box to the right (it’s the small round weight attached to a piece of thin film on the PCB).


I haven’t yet taken it apart to check the knock sensor but I just got eight push notifications on my phone at once indicating that my battery was low. Could be that I have more than one issue but I don’t think the knock sensor would affect a battery notification?