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Expires_in is not set in response of /oauth/token


Perhaps this question had been posted several times in the past, but still no reply about it…
Currently I use client-oauth2 package written in node.js, and it works perfectly with other provider’s oauth2 servers (e.g, NUKI, etc),
but in Lockitron’s case, endpoint “/oauth/token” on the authorisation server doesn’t return response with expires_in.

I looked into source code of the library and found that client_id and client_secret is set in header instead of body like below:

Authorization: Basic {client_id}:{client_secret}

Every contents of response, including the most important property “access_token”, are totally fine, but I don’t understand why only expires_in is not contains in it.
Could anyone please answer to this??


@aisuzuki hmm, not sure why this isn’t showing up. Do you see the key “expires_in” in the response?


Hi, thank you for reply. I only see two data in the response - access_token and token_type.