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External Power Source Again --- For Lockitron Bolt


Having read thru old post regarding external power source, I would like to do the same thing but take a different approach by buying this item on ebay.

After got this stuff, I put it on but it doesn’t seem to have sound or blue light coming out of Lockitron Bolt. One post in the old topic said it might be because of the position of the powered battery so I changed the position to all four positions. No sign of Lockitron Bolt taking the power in.

The adapter that comes with this external power source from ebay says 6V 1A. Not sure what should I do?

Any advice is much appreciated.


@Pat Hey there. I don’t work for Lockitron, but I’ve been around these forums for a while. I just took the back off my Bolt to investigate. There’s a teardown somewhere online, but I don’t believe it showed this part in detail.

The positive terminal is the first one on the left, on the bottom, and the negative terminal is the last one on the right, on the bottom. Those are the ones that need power.

Now, I had a quick look at what your adapter looks like, and as long as those dummy batteries continue the circuit (like a jumper wire) from one terminal to the other, then it works. If those dummy batteries don’t let power through, then it doesn’t work.

Since your power battery is in just one terminal, it won’t power it on it’s own unless something connects the negative spring from the top to the main one on the bottom left.

That being said, there may be something on the Lockitron bed regulating this - I think we’d need @Cameron to follow up.


Hi @anthonylavado

Just to make sure I understand your instruction correctly.

Here is how I will do. The rectangle red is the powered battery while the greens are dummy batteries.

You tell me to connect the top right to the bottom left with wire( arrow red). Is that correct?

Appreciate for your help


@Pat I’ve added my own screenshot here to be clearer. Basically, the other way around. You can skip the dummy batteries while doing this.


I’ve already tried. Not success. Is it because of adapter is only at 1amp?


@anthonylavado. Just want to update. After I changed adapter to 2 amp. It is working now. Thanks for your helps.