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Factory Reset?


I see a small pinhole button below the BT button on the unit, but I can’t find a diagram or explanation with my best googling. I tried blindly to depress it for a few seconds assuming that it is a factory reset button, but instead I get the Imperial March.

So… what is that button and how do I do a factory reset?


looking for info on this to. @cameron ? I can’t find anything about this in the FAQ.

Reset Lockitron to Factory settings

Any word on this?
I see this thread but it doesn’t say anything about resetting the Lockitron:


@Scott @jdmnash following up here (rather than the old topic).

We don’t typically recommend running through a full reset except in the case where you are giving Lockitron to someone else. The closest to a factory reset is to -

  1. Remove Lockitron from your Account
  2. Remove a battery, wait for 3 seconds and replace.
  3. Wait for the LED to turn green once
  4. Remove a battery, wait for 3 seconds and replace - Lockitron is receptive to be “cleared” or programmed with new WiFi settings for a limited period after booting up
  5. Clear WiFi Settings (via the support page in the iOS or Android app)

Additionally you can reflash firmware to Lockitron until the version number matches the latest release. I would recommend doing this before removing Lockitron from your account (if Lockitron is still successfully connected the web).