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FAQ on Alignment and Switch Issues - Crowdfunded Lockitron


We recently updated the FAQ for alignment issues as well as initial error message blues. While the former can typically be tackled with a few tweaks, the latter may require replacing Lockitron. The main thing to note about Lockitron having trouble turning your lock - if your deadbolt is easy to turn by hand before installing Lockitron but difficult to turn by hand after installing Lockitron, then there is likely and alignment or rubber insert problem.

If it’s easy to turn Lockitron by hand after installation, but Lockitron is having trouble turning your lock, then the power on your device likely needs to be upped (contact us at support and we can get you set up with the beta calibration page).


If Lockitron spins continuously or spins for a while and then plays an error song, then there is likely a switch issue (and Lockitron will jam on your door when installed with this issue).

If your switches seem to be out of alignment we would be happy to replace your Lockitron. Alternatively you can tweak Lockitron’s switches yourself within a few minutes using only the included screwdriver. Take a look at the great video @han put together at https://www.youtube.com/embed/JDR_1tmnpic.

If you’re having trouble with either the set up process or turning Lockitron, make sure to take a look at these docs:

Lockitron Not Rotating Despite Manually Easy
Support ignoring request for help
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I received my Lockitron almost one week ago and began having problems 2 days after installation. I have reached out to support and although I am getting response, help is slow playing back email ping pong. So here i am. I need help. There is an issue with disconnect and connect between the orange and black “disks.” This is causing jamming. See cut and paste from my email to support:


My Lockitron is aligned properly and turns the proper amount. It also uses enough and not to much power to turn the deadbolt.

All I did today was plug batteries back in (after being off since Friday) and insert the rubber insert and used my iPhone app to unlock and lock the Lockiton. This worked fine for about 8-10 lock/unlocks and then the Lockiton jammed.

Like I mentioned in my initial request for help, the problem looks to be errors with the connect and disconnect between the circular motor driven black colored disc and the adjoining orange colored dead bolt drive disk. I do not know the mechanics of the Lockiton so I do not know what controls this connect and disconnect of the two “disks,” but this is where the error is occurring.

Please let me know if you understand what I am talking about when I refer to these “disks.”

Let me know what is next.

Jim V.



If I am tweaking the switches myself, do I void the warranty


@TrulsZK no, that wouldn’t be fair since we note it here.