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Firmware update


@cameron I just tried with two different phones (rebooted them before, just for good measure) but unfortunately I am still having the same behaviour.


@garpur I just purged the pending firmware for your device; can you force quit and restart the app, then try again?


@cameron that did the trick, I managed to run the whole process through. It now has version 1496963301 on it and showing more belivable battery levels (<100%). Thanks for the help!



Still the same


@haffi can you try uninstalling the app and re-installing?


@cameron Yesterday I wiped my iphoneX before posting the error, however , I now just removed the app reinstalled and still spinning.


Still nothing just sits there spinning, both WIFI or 4g.


@haffi ok, thanks. Try once more; I just purged the pending firmware for that device.


@cameron worked now ! :slight_smile:


@cameron what ever you did, for them could you also do that for my, because you still havn’t returned with email about a replacement, but if this worked. maybe i can help on mine also?


@Bymem I recommend uninstalling and re-installing the app; I did a system wide reset that should have eliminated any problematic firmware images.


then no, i did not work… Still waiting for you reply on when ill get my replacement…


@Bymem this isn’t relevant on this topic; I will be deleting later today. I’m working a way to find out how we can ship a replacement to Europe, but unfortunately we’re in the same bind as shipping other international orders there.