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Google Brillo and Weave


Has Lockitron considered Google Brillo and Weave.

It’s been just around a year since Google announced its Brillo operating system and Weave protocol that aim to unify communication between connected objects. Brillo, an Android-based OS was primarily designed for providing a common connectivity interface for low power IoT objects while Weave protocol helps identify those objects, exchange commands, release updates and initiate set-up calls and metrics monitoring for system performance Brillo is capable of changing digital game for:

Industrial Automation/Automotive
Consumer Electronics
Media & Telecom
Energy & Utilities
Banking & Finance


@OzzieSama we have, but no action here yet; Google/Nest have gone in fits and starts releasing stuff in this space, then not really giving a huge amount of support, then moving onto releasing something new while leaving the old stuff to languish.

It looks like OpenWeave is the latest release here. I think that Brillo has been replaced by Android Things, which looks like it’s more targeted at Linux devices (Lockitron doesn’t have the horsepower :slight_smile:).

There are some interesting protocol moves that finally seem to be coming together; we’re keeping a close eye on those.