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Guide to Lockitron Bolt - [upd Dec 5th]


Hey there!

Much like my previous Guide thread, I will compile information in one place so it’s easy to keep track of.
Feel free to bookmark this thread, and pass along any information so I can keep this updated.

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Guide to Lockitron v2 - [upd Apr 9]
FAQ Technical Questions - Bolt

New to Lockitron Bolt?

Watch the introductory video here:

Orders are open, and Bolt is shipping. Reserve a Lockitron Bolt today.

Learn how to install Lockitron Bolt:



Important News

More Bolts arrive! - November 24th
More bolts have arrived stateside and are being prepped for shipping to domestic (US) backers. This should fulfill all remaining US Quicksilver orders. Read the previous post as well for more details.

Bolt On The Move - November 11th
All the Quicksilver bolts are ready and being shipped to the US. Bridge production is waiting for a replacement part. As many orders as possible will ship with the current Bridge, then when supply runs out, the remaining locks will be shipped, with a Bridge to follow later.

Beta Firmware - November 8th
Beta firmware is available for testing, and may fix some bugs. Read on for info.

iOS App - November 14th
See update history on iTunes/App Store.
Android App - November 3rd
See on the Google Play store.

Bolt - User Reviews and Bolt - Shipping Updates
To help keep information clear, there are two threads that contain Bolt Review experiences as they come in, and Shipping Updates as they’re available. Check them out!

Unofficial Voice Control with HomeBridge (iOS Only)

We were super excited to learn that Bolt Preview backer Nick Farina integrated Lockitron into his home automation project, HomeBridge. With HomeBridge, Nick can control his Lockitron via voice commands!



Transitioning from Lockitron v2

How does Bolt compare with the crowdfunded Lockitron?

Frequently Asked Questions

Check compatibility here:
Will Lockitron work with my door?

In the meanwhile, from help.lockitron.com:
What comes in the box?
How does Key Match work?

Features and Compatibility

Lockitron Bolt

  • Must be using a Bluetooth LE enabled iOS device or Android device (without Bridge, below)
  • Key Match available for a variety of keyways
  • Available in Quicksilver or Modern Gold finish

Lockitron Bridge

  • Connects to Wi-Fi network and power outlet
  • Allows web/remote access to your Lockitron Bolt
  • Allows the use of smartphones without Bluetooth LE

Bolt Keypad

  • Fully compatible with every Lockitron Bolt

  • Set access codes locally or through the Lockitron app

  • Matching finish for your Lockitron Bolt



Production and Shipping Information

Status as of December 2016

Lockitron Bolt

…all remaining backer Lockitrons have completed production (along with a few extras!).

In the later update:

…the thousands of Lockitrons we have manufactured for you have just arrived stateside. With the Bolts in the U.S. it’s only about one more week before tracking numbers start showing up for the remaining U.S. Lockitron backers.

Lockitron Bridge

Unfortunately significant delays in the production of the replacement chip meant Bridge held up many of our backer orders…we will ship most of the remaining domestic backer orders with Bridge; when we run out of units we will ship Bolt first, followed by Bridge later.

Bolt Keypad - Coming Soon
Supercharge your Lockitron Bolt with Keypad.

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System Status - Links to check the status of the two main services behind Lockitron’s operation.

Lockitron Help - Ongoing - See information for compatibility, orders & shipping, and troubleshooting.
Developer Mailing List - Sign up for API previews, beta tests, and more details.

If you need to contact the Lockitron team, remember that support@lockitron.com is available for you.

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Updated December 5th 2016.
Reason: Lots of news to catch up with. A replacement for this thread will be coming soon with more details.


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