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Guide to Lockitron v2 - [upd Apr 9]


Lockitron Bolt has arrived!

Lockitron/Apigy have continued to support even their v1 customers from 2010/2011, so I will do the same for v2/Crowdfunded with this thread.

Hello! I’ve decided to compile information in one place so it’s easy to keep track of. Feel free to bookmark this thread, and pass along any information so I can keep this updated.

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Lockitron support receives many, many e-mails daily.
If you have e-mailed support, there may be a delay in responding to your question. You are always free to consult this thread and the community, where we will be happy to help.

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2. Important News
3. Recent Updates/Feature Compatibility
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New to Lockitron v2?

Check compatibility here:
Will Lockitron work with my door?

Here are some must reads to solve the most common issue, alignment.
Lockitron is having trouble turning my deadbolt.
Lockitron rotates before I install it and plays an error song.

Read here for understanding on how Lockitron works with Wi-Fi.
Lockitron isn’t responding to commands over WiFi

Lockitron turning slowly? Making a buzzing noise?
Try Self Calibration on the Web Dashboard.

Using Bluetooth for access? Don’t need constant Wi-Fi check-ins?
Try Power Save on the Web Dashboard

Wrong latch? Got a non-tapered deadbolt instead of tapered?
Contact Support here to get it replaced.



Important News

Firmware Update 1449200870 - Dec 8th
Minor release, so update manually through your dashboard.

This includes the updates included in the last minor release as well as an important fix to the Bluetooth advertising flags that was causing issues with Android BLE connectivity.

iOS - Update w/Sense™ - September 15th
Sense™ has arrived!
To ensure best performance, your iOS device should be updated to the latest operating system. This release includes updates to ensure iOS 9 compatibility, and “Tap to Unlock” for Sense.
Read more on "How do I use Sense with iOS?"

Unofficial Voice Control with HomeBridge (iOS Only) - July 1st

We were super excited to learn that Bolt Preview backer Nick Farina integrated Lockitron into his home automation project, HomeBridge. With HomeBridge, Nick can control his Lockitron via voice commands!

Wrist Ready with Pebble and Apple Watch - May 5th

With the imminent arrival of Pebble Time and the start of Apple Watch shipments, we’ve received a lot questions on the same topic - will Lockitron work with my smartwatch? And the resounding answer is YES! In fact, you can control Lockitron from your wrist today.

See my Wrist Ready guide for more.

Android Lollipop and BLE - April 9th
The team is working to address some Bluetooth compatibility issues with Android Lollipop (5.0). There will be a new beta build to help gather information and make improvements to Sense across all devices.
Stay tuned for the beta by signing up for the Developer Mailing List.

Release Notes

Firmware Update 1449200870 - Last updated July 10th 2015

iOS App 3.0.1 - Last updated April 1st 2016
Android App 3.0.2 - Last updated March 10th 2016

Power Save - Last updated November 12th 2014

Web Dashboard - Settings - Last updated July 10th



Important Features and Updates

March 25th

Web Dashboard

  • Settings page allows self-calibration - see How Do I Calibrate… for more.
  • Settings page allows you to force update the Lockitron AVR Firmware, and see what version is installed
  • Settings page allows you to force update the Lockitron Bluetooth Firmware, please see Help
  • Settings page reports battery level, see release notes for info on how to interpret the results

Android App

  • New design
  • Ability to select radius for Sense™
  • Ability to enroll Bridge and Lockitron Bolt

iOS App

  • New design
  • Ability to select radius for Sense™
  • Ability to enroll Bridge and Lockitron Bolt

Firmware Update

  • Fix for battery voltage not being reported correctly which could result in missed low battery
  • Improvements for Bluetooth connectivity with Sense
  • Fixes for updates which could become “stuck”

Feature Compatibility/Requirements

Lockitron.com Dashboard

  • Any modern web device
  • With SMS gateway (optional $5 USD/month), any SMS capable mobile phone

Lockitron iOS App 3.0.1

  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • For Bluetooth LE, iPhone 4S (or newer), iPad 3rd Generation (or newer), iPod Touch 5th Generation

Lockitron Android App 3.0.2

  • Minimum version varies with device

  • For Bluetooth LE, must be running Android 4.3 (or newer), must have Bluetooth 4.0/LE/Smart hardware built in




System Status - Links to check the status of the two main services behind Lockitron’s operation.

Installation & Troubleshooting Videos - View hands on videos that will help you get Lockitron up and running.
Lockitron Help - See information for compatibility, orders & shipping, and troubleshooting.
Developer Mailing List - Sign up for API previews, beta tests, and more details.

If you need to contact the Lockitron team, remember that support@lockitron.com is available for you.

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Updated April 9th 2016.
Reason: New iOS and Android app info.


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