Has anyone gotten Sense to work?

I got it to work twice. Each time I had to calibrate it. Then shut it off. Then, while I was out, remember to turn proximity unlock back on. After all that it worked only that first time, then I had to repeat the entire process. So, its not really working for me. Is there a solution to this, or is this what I have to do every time. Also, is this how the bolt will work? If so, I’m canceling my order.

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@Craig_Bilodeau Hey there, I don’t work for Lockitron, but I know that’s definitely not the experience they intend you to have.

A couple quick pointers:

  • if you’re using an iPhone, make sure it’s up to date with the latest version of iOS
  • if using an iPhone, try to have Wi-Fi enabled all the time
  • try calibration from a closer distance

And of course, contact support@lockitron.com for more assistance :slight_smile:

Do I still have to shut it off while at home, and turn it on while out? If so, it really isn’t working yet is it?

This thread here has the best info:

Did everything, (lost my jailbreak too :frowning: ) Still doesn’t work. I’ll keep trying, but… this project has been such a letdown at every turn. First it was late. Then it was very late. Then it was so late that I thought it was a scam. Then I got it and it didn’t work that well and the one thing I wanted, sense, was delayed. Then sense beta only barely worked under very specific circumstances. Now the full release doesn’t work at all. :disappointed: If the bolt doesn’t work properly out of the box, it’s going back.

@Craig_Bilodeau if you haven’t contacted support, I would definitely do so. That’s the best way to make sure you’re getting the experience you should out of your product.

The biggest thing would have been updating your iPhone- if you don’t update, you don’t get the advantage of bug fixes that help to make things like Bluetooth more reliable.

I remember @cameron mentioned in another thread that iOS 8.1.2 included huge fixes that helped bluetooth connect reliably, and that Sense would be subpar without it.

So, I can only get it to work once at a time. In other words, I have to shut it down and turn it back on every time I’m out of the house for it to work. So it still doesn’t work, because it is supposed to be automatic, and if I have to do something to make it work every time, it’s not. Am I doing something wrong?

So, out of the last 20 times I’ve tried to get it to work, I’ve had it work once. Does anyone know if they are still working on this feature, or have they given up on sense?

@Craig_Bilodeau yes, of course we’re working on it. I recommend Sense Notifications if you’re seeing consistency issues with Sense Proximity Unlock. We have another iOS beta release coming soon and we’re looking into some new strategies to deal with BLE on the Android side which has continued to prove difficult.

Sense Notification doesn’t really work for me. If I have to take something out of my pocket to open the door, I’ll just use my key. It’ll be twice as fast. Is the bolt going to work better? I ordered one, and if it has similar functionality, I’ll probably return it.

@Craig_Bilodeau can you elaborate on how it doesn’t work? Notifications come up 100% of the time for us. Proximity Unlock is still the main target, but this was our first public release of Sense.

When I come up to the door, it doesn’t unlock. Prox Unlock is set up and has been reset by turning it off, saving it, quitting the app, opening the app while out, and turning it back on, and saving. I’ve tried many combinations of turning it on and off while at home and while out. Every time I come home I try the door in the hope that it will work, and almost every time, it doesn’t. I’ve recalibrated sense many times to no avail. I think I’ve had it work a total of maybe 4 times since it was released. I’ve never even tried the notification setting as I have no interest in using it. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
Also, Of those 4 times it has worked, none of those were in a row.

So, I’ll try the new firmware and see what happens.

so, new firmware doesn’t help. Why doesn’t it work? Is anyone using it at all?

@Craig_Bilodeau are you on new firmware and the latest beta build for iOS?

Yes, yes I am. Installed and recalibrated. Left the house for about an hour. Came back. No good. Testing this is difficult as I need to go 1km away from my house before it is supposed to work, and that takes time and effort. I can’t just walk around the block. So I only get to test it once or twice a day.

Tested it out a couple of times today. It worked once but only after I tried the door and got out my key. Second time didn’t work. It seems that the only time it works is when I reset the app while out, then not again until it is reset. This is far from “working” in my opinion. Granted I’m using the latest beta right now, but I thought this function was supposed to be officially released. Anyway, I hope this works better on the Bolt. If you have any advice as to what I might be doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.

@Craig_Bilodeau how close to the door did you calibrate it?

6-7 feet. And I have been walking up to the door slowly to give it a chance to recognize my phone. I usually take a breath, close my eyes, and hope before I grab the handle as well.

Once again, no joy on the proximity unlock. I still haven’t heard any stories from anybody who has had it work properly even 50% of the time. Anybody?