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Homebridge and Lockitron


Can anyone shine some light on the Homebridge and homekit support?
I have installed homebridge and everything is working fine but when i go into check status or lock/unlock, i’m getting authentication error. It has something to do with APIs but I have no idea where to put it.
I know this is a long shot and just thought maybe someone out there got it working and can assist.


@chunkysalsa is Bridge working on its own (i.e. can you lock and unlock remotely?)

My guess is @nfarina can help the most with HomeBridge; it might be about getting the correct authentication token.


@chunkysalsa Have you retrieved your API key from the Lockitron site? Can you make normal API requests via curl or similar?


I can get it to work now by creating a new APP API. Now when I lock it, it’s actually unlocked… it’s reversed, how do i change that?


@chunkysalsa are lock and unlock correct in the app?