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How do you sign up for a developer account?


I’m trying to learn programming and I’ve started a project that I hope to incorporate Lockitron. I’ve looked at the API documentation a number of times, which seems well done in general, but if I understand right it all starts with a developer account – which is a problem, because I see no links to sign up for a developer account.

Is a developer account needed? And if so, where does one sign up for it?

Thanks for any responses.


@comma you should be able to get started without an account using the demo credentials, but you can grab a general account via the mobile apps or https://lockitron.com/account/register as well.

You can also create additional Virtual Locks via the old API docs (DO NOT USE THE V1 API) at https://api.lockitron.com/v1/getting_started/virtual_locks. I still need to add the Virtual Locks functionality to the V2 API dashboard.


Thank you Cameron. I appreciate it.