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How will the keypad work?


With the keypad installed, will it be enhanced by the Sense feature? By that I mean, could I just tap the “unlock” or “lock” button on the keypad, without entering a pin, and it would unlock or lock, so long as I have my phone on me?


@Sarringt we’ll have more details on this soon. You will definitely be able to tap “lock”, at all times, without having to enter a pin code first.


I think the option of hitting unlock without entering a pin on the keypad and having it search for your phone for authentication may be a bit unsafe… i know a few people that leave their phones near the front door when they get home. That would be the easiest entrance ever lol. Hmmm i wonder how the kevo does it…


Great! I’m very interested in the unlock without a PIN aspect. I am still having spotty performance with Sense proximity unlock, so I’m crossing my fingers that you guys can pull it off!


I was a backer of the crowdfunded lockitron, and I just preordered a keypad. Then I saw something about an original backer discount. Should I cancel my preorder and wait for more information?


@Omar_Cataldo we haven’t offered a discount on Keypad thus far but were planning on it after shipments begin and we ramp production.