I got the lock to work through the MyQ system?

I got the lock to work through the MyQ system?

@Nick unfortunately I don’t know how folks are migrating their locks to MyQ right now.

This begs the question how long will the Lockitron server remain active?

For those wondering I contacted Chamberlain.com, and discovered a few things:

-Chamberlain is operating the server for Lockitron locks.

-There is a myQ app (widget) that Lockitron users can use now, if they so choose, but bridge owners will lose remote functionality.

-The Lockitron app will eventually go away and be replaced by myQ; however, by that time myQ will be fully functional.

My take - wait for the fully functional myQ!

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I received and email from MyQ today indicating the Smart Garage Hub Gen 3 is compatible with Lockitron and will act as a bridge to be able to control it from anywhere. I’m interested to see how this will piece together since I have the HomeBridge to control my garage door with Siri. Does this mean I may also have official voice control over my Lockitron too? We’ll have to see once the Smart Garage Hub arrives.