I got the lock to work through the MyQ system?

I got the lock to work through the MyQ system?

@Nick unfortunately I don’t know how folks are migrating their locks to MyQ right now.

This begs the question how long will the Lockitron server remain active?

For those wondering I contacted Chamberlain.com, and discovered a few things:

-Chamberlain is operating the server for Lockitron locks.

-There is a myQ app (widget) that Lockitron users can use now, if they so choose, but bridge owners will lose remote functionality.

-The Lockitron app will eventually go away and be replaced by myQ; however, by that time myQ will be fully functional.

My take - wait for the fully functional myQ!


I received and email from MyQ today indicating the Smart Garage Hub Gen 3 is compatible with Lockitron and will act as a bridge to be able to control it from anywhere. I’m interested to see how this will piece together since I have the HomeBridge to control my garage door with Siri. Does this mean I may also have official voice control over my Lockitron too? We’ll have to see once the Smart Garage Hub arrives.

its support is very limited as of yet and my lock is very very unrelaible sadly. I am trying to move back to lockitron API.