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Incorrect battery percentage


Replaced my batteries in my Bolt and the dashboard and app still report the old percentage. Also any news on having notifications when lock is manipulated manually?


@guardian24 it might need to connect a few times to update the battery %. The functionality that checks on battery percentage ties into the manual logging, all of which is a bit beta in the current apps (basically we need to check this data behind the scenes while you are connected to lock and unlock).


installed my unit 3ish days ago and it’s now showing the low battery % in my dashboard.

is the bridge leaching battery power with constant checks off the bolt or something?


@DaveC do you see an actual % reported there? If not my suspicion is that the battery value nil is being reported.

Important for everyone: the beta firmware has an audible triple beep low battery noise after lock/unlock.


no percentage, but just the red button.


I am on the beta firmware now, and am getting “Low Battery %” for battery life remaining under Settings in Dashboard. I hear the ascending/descending triple note unlock/lock noises, but no triple beep low battery noise. The batteries are still the factory set, haven’t tried others - I know this would be the next step in troubleshooting on my end. Just a heads up that this problem may not be solved in the beta firmware yet - though it sounds like you’re still crunching away at it over there.


@afoolsgambit I think battery % parsing may be broken across the board; we’re focusing on order issues this week to make sure we get everyone take care of before the warehouses freeze up for the holidays, but the given you aren’t hearing the triple beeps you’re fine.


Hi folks - quick update here; we had a bunch of load issues that should be resolved as of this afternoon. It may have been impacting how we source the battery reading as well.

If you’re on the beta, the battery reading should be parsed after being connected to the lock and sitting on the lock screen for 5-15 seconds. You may need to tap on the dashboard and back to the lock to re-trigger the reading operation.


UPDATE: We’ve found and resolved a bug whereby some newly shipped devices were not correctly updating battery status (regardless of firmware version), however, old ones were.

Note: you need to be on firmware version 1461012547 or higher for the reporting to work correctly. Once reported you should see a new row reporting battery percentage near the firmware version number in the mobile app.

Bolt+bridge: bogus activity updates and battery

I’m running firmware 1461012547 on my Bolt, but I don’t see any indication of the battery status in the Android application (version 3.5.6). Where would I find the battery status display? Thanks.


@jjd it should be on the Settings tab. It might take a couple of connection events with the lock for the data to sync.