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iOS App 2.2.1 - Release Notes


While we don’t typically write extended release notes for our app releases (we haven’t for Android in a while), this past release was a big one. We’ve also see a couple of bugs which are likely due to some schema changes and can be resolved easily.

New in 2.2.1:

  • Status updates about when a pending command is expected to go through as well as the ability to cancel pending commands
  • Information about when your Lockitron is updating (and thus momentarily unusable)
  • New Bluetooth protocol compatible, paving the way for Sense

Fixed in 2.2.1:

  • Crashes when attempting to invite additional users caused by large contact books
  • Better status/state reporting (although there are some fixes we’re working on for the web end to assist with this)

Known issues in 2.2.1:

  • Owners and admins lose ability to manage users and check activities; this is solved by logging out of the app and logging back in again

A note about the Bluetooth protocol update

We are working on getting the latest firmware update later this week - this update speaks the new Bluetooth protocol. We’ve seen a couple of bugs in testing, however, this build has been far more reliable in connecting to Bluetooth than our previous updates. The update will be pushed down in the background and we will let everyone know once it goes through. Removing and replacing the battery may be necessary to re-enable Bluetooth after the update.



Something super weird (and awesome!!) just happened to me. I can home and as I approached my door a push notification popped up on my iPhone “you’re approaching Philipp’s iPhone. Would you like to unlock?”

And as a tapped on the notification the door lock opened!!!

What is that??? Is this sense? How come this wasn’t mentioned in the release notes?

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This isn’t quite sense just yet- Sense will be when that happens automatically and you don’t even have to touch the phone, it just stays in your pocket.



That’s something I haven’t seen yet. It may be a version of sense. They were figuring out a way so they door just didn’t unlock if you approached it from the inside. That may be the solution



Here’s a photo:

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@Philipp @anthonylavado @RobWDC More on this later :smiley:



Haha later??? It’s already happening. Lol let us know what it is. Haha



Are you kidding me with this. I update my app yesterday, seems like it’s actually working better, and then when I get home today to unlock my door I’m fucking logged out of the app. What the fuck???



I am not seeing any improvements. It still crashes when I try and add users… And to be honest the lock is completely useless without "sense"
I am less than happy. Thank goodness I have not yet mounted it.



Just left my apartment, locking it with Lockitron on the way out, left for 20 minutes and came back to find the app logged out AGAIN! What the fuck!? Can I downgrade to the previous shitty version of your now shittier app?



I also frequently get the login screen as if I’m logged out of the app when I launch it. However, I found that if you kill it and relaunch, you don’t actually have to log back in.



@sbessel can you let me know how many contacts you have? Scroll to the bottom in the “Contacts” app. If you don’t see anything, tap “Groups” then toggle the selection for “All Contacts”, then go back.

@DSK_Daniel @idonotgetit we’re seeing this on occasion too - if you wait a moment after booting into the app the screen should go away. We’re working on a fix for this.



Is that screenshot real? I haven’t seen this functionality yet. Is a firmware update required? @cameron spill the beans!



@jocamero no, in fact that’s a test feature that may only work with the old Bluetooth (oddly enough). It wasn’t intended for this release and unfortunately it’s not super consistent. If Bluetooth is working on your Lockitron, try force quitting and restarting the app.



I’ve found the new version of the iOS app to be quite good, but now it seems too anxious to report the Lockitron’s status as sleeping. If I’m connected via Bluetooth and then lock or unlock (or maybe initiate the action juuuust before Bluetooth connects, but then it does connect and the action completes), the modal “device is sleeping and will wake in x minutes” overlay will appear and stay there, even if the lock or unlock does successfully complete over Bluetooth. This doesn’t always happen, and I don’t want to wear down my batteries trying to troubleshoot exactly what conditions trigger it, but I’ll keep an eye out. Has anyone else noticed this, too?

(That being said, it’s still far less annoying than the old version which wouldn’t correctly report the current state of the lock.)

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@RMo thanks for the note - we’ve noticed this as well and are working to diagnose if it’s web side or app side…the dialog shouldn’t be popping up when connected to Bluetooth.

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Yep, getting the same thing.



Has the activity button in the top right corner been removed? I don’t see any way to view activity in the iOS app now. Works fine on the website. iPhone 5S with 2.2.1



@hidden2u Can you try logging out and back in, and see if this reappears?



Activity is also missing for me, even after logging out (Which happens for me often -_- ). Not pleased.