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iOS App 2.2.1 - Release Notes


Okay logged out and restarted phone, and now the button is back. Everything seems to work fine. Thanks!

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I have the same issue after I upgraded the iOS app.



@cameron, I got the banner notification today and it worked as I would expect. Pretty cool.

Since you said this only works with the old Bluetooth firmware, do you need to push the updated firmware out to my Lockitron?



I’ve noticed that lockitron is now using my location more for a “geofence” Also If I connect by BT, my BT icon goes sollid, then click unlock it gives me a black pop up stating your lockitron is sleeping command will go thru in 1 minute or 3 minutes. Then it goes thru and the pop up screen goes away. Before this update after I connected to the lock via BT the command went thru almost instantly. Now there is this pop up and a lag of about 2-3 seconds.



Ditto, just posted what mine was doing and its nearly the same. Commands used to go thru instantly and now there is a few second lag. Also if I connect by bluetooth, unlock and then walk in and manually lock the lockitron, it also takes a few seconds to show my lock as locked, this used to be instant.



Activity was missing for me as well. I logged out and logged back in and it came back. Not that it matters since it rarely ever updates. Doesn’t have an update since Wednesday afternoon at times I wasn’t even home.



My BT now seems to operate faster today. The last week or so it was slow to respond and now it’s going thru immediately again. About 50% of the time I get the screen alert that i’m approaching my lockitron and it asks if I would like to come in. That works fast too when it notifies me.