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iOS App 2.2.2 - Release Notes


This iOS app fixed a couple of small bugs; unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to get an important Bluetooth fix (which keeps Lockitrons awake) in place for this release, so expect 2.2.3 very soon.

  • Fix problem where the app would crash when you tried to invite a user and had a contact with no name in your contacts book
  • Remove stale sleep notificaitons


How about for the next app you have an option to just pick lock or unlock instead of swipe. That way when I walk up to my door and it says it’s unlocked when I know it isn’t I can just tell it to do the correct motion instead of forcing it to try to lock again before unlocking?

Other option is obviously to have an app that knows what orientation the lock is actually currently in.

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Great idea! More than half the time when I open the app it says the wrong status of the lock. So annoying.