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iOS App 2.3.0 - Release Notes


@Jason_Silva we’re working on it - Bluetooth stability and consistency is first and foremost in the next Android release, but it will have a variant of Sense as well.


ok, was just curious as i see more focus and updates on ios over android. im guessing you guys only work on each os at a time?


@Jason_Silva it’s a mix. Overall we have less Android resources to tap into then iOS at the moment which has slowed development there.


@cameron Sense doesn’t seem to work after the first time.

I wasn’t able to have the Sense working after I left home again. I was away for more than 1km. I didn’t force kill the app.

Is there any step I need to do?

Do I need to turn off the Sense when I return home and enable it after I left home?


@j3390659 what iPhone model and iOS? Did you try Proximity Unlock or Notifications? It seems like Notifications is more reliable for folks at the moment.


@cameron iPhone 6 and iOS 8.0. Proximity Unlock.

I will try Notifications to see if it works better.


I’m 3 for 4 on sense proximity lock – pretty good so far. The one time it didn’t work, it ended up unlocking after i had already manually unlocked it (which of course didn’t do anything since I had already unlocked it, but I could hear the motor going)

Does GPS availability matter for Sense proximity unlock? I’m wondering if somebody has an apartment on a bottom floor with no clear sky light of sight, if that would pose a problem?

(One thing I have to my advantage is that my apartment has a clear line of sight to the sky. )


@ajohnson Your success rate is high. What iOS and iPhone are you using?


@ajohnson yes, we rely on geofences which are based on GPS, WiFi and cell towers and can be influenced by a variant of things. Are you running iOS 8.1.2?


IPhone 6 plus with iOS 8.1.2


Sense has been great with my iPhone, unlocking the door when I’m within 3 feet or so. LOVE it when my hands are full of groceries. Having a lever doorknob, I just lean on it with the elbow, and voila!

It failed once last night, requiring me to knock on the door before it worked – but I was talking on the phone at the time, if that makes any difference. May have been a bluetooth bug related to having had it connected to the car bluetooth when the call started and disconnecting by walking out of range.

That logout thing was getting old. THANKS for fixing that.


@ajohnson super helpful, thank you. We’re seeing a pattern with the 6 Plus having issues. We need to get one to test with, sorry for the bug.


Ugh. I updated all my apps and now I’ve ended up with the swipe again. Can you change it for me to just pressing lock or unlock again? It’s been working so well for the last couple months.


@DSK_Daniel if you uninstall/reinstall it should be back. This is part of the bug noted in the update messaging, sorry. The button type is set server side and shouldn’t swap randomly (if it does, it indicates an app problem).


Thanks. That worked.


@ajohnson have you tried restarting your iPhone completely then calibrating? Just learned via support that this helped someone; might reboot some BLE subsystem (rebooting is typically super helpful for BLE on Android, for instance).


Actually, now I’m having a new problem – my iPhone doesn’t seem to be connecting to the Lockitron via bluetooth at all.

In the past, when i walked near the lockitron with the lockitron app opened, the bluetooth indicator on the status line would turn white, but now it is not doing this at all.

When I rebooted my phone and tried to calibrate again, I got the “No connected lock detected”. This is not surprising, given the bluetooth indicator is not white as described above.

Does lockitron kick into some type of lower power bluetooth mode or disable it if the lockitron isn’t getting enough power? I have the lockitron plugged into the wall using the fake battery technique and a 5V/2Amp usb adapter. Maybe my lockitron isn’t getting enough power?

Just speculating at this point.

P.S. Oh, now it’s working again. I had my friend pull out his iPhone 6 plus and open the lockitron app – bluetooth icon came right on. After that, my bluetooth icon started working as well. Very strange.


Here’s another strange Sense thing that has happened a couple of times:
There are two people with iPhone 6 Plus phones in my household, and both are set up with proximity unlock.

Here’s what happens:
The door is locked.
Person A is in the house with their phone.
Person B walks up to the door from the outside with their phone and it proximity unlocks. They come inside then close and lock the door manually.

What happens:
After 5-10 seconds, the door unlocks again.

What I expect to happen:
The door should stay locked after Person B locked it.

Not sure what’s going on here. Maybe Person A’s phone is causing another unlock event for some reason?

Anyway, an easy fix for this might be to rate limit proximity unlock events from happening after a lock event occurs. If somebody locks the door (through the app, button, or manually turning the bolt), proximity unlocks probably shouldn’t be allowed for the next minute or two. Ideally the underlying issue gets fixed, though.


@ajohnson we’ve heard about that now too - solving this will take a bit longer given that Sense is in the domain of the app.


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