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iOS App 2.3.0 - Release Notes


Here’s another strange Sense thing that has happened a couple of times:
There are two people with iPhone 6 Plus phones in my household, and both are set up with proximity unlock.

Here’s what happens:
The door is locked.
Person A is in the house with their phone.
Person B walks up to the door from the outside with their phone and it proximity unlocks. They come inside then close and lock the door manually.

What happens:
After 5-10 seconds, the door unlocks again.

What I expect to happen:
The door should stay locked after Person B locked it.

Not sure what’s going on here. Maybe Person A’s phone is causing another unlock event for some reason?

Anyway, an easy fix for this might be to rate limit proximity unlock events from happening after a lock event occurs. If somebody locks the door (through the app, button, or manually turning the bolt), proximity unlocks probably shouldn’t be allowed for the next minute or two. Ideally the underlying issue gets fixed, though.


@ajohnson we’ve heard about that now too - solving this will take a bit longer given that Sense is in the domain of the app.


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