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iOS App 2.3.1 - Release Notes


Hi folks - we’ve just released a new version of the Lockitron iOS app to the app store and we recommend you grab it before upgrading to iOS 9. This bug solves a crash under iOS 9 when Bluetooth is enabled.

Along with this we’ve included a new Sense level - Tap to Unlock. With Tap to Unlock you simply tap your phone three times once you’ve returned home (it should buzz first) and your Lockitron will unlock. This feature is still in beta as we need to work a bit on detecting taps.

If you’ve had issues with Sense in the past, use the new Calibrate Location feature (available to owner accounts) to ensure that we correctly set up geofencing to trigger Sense. This played a big role for folks who previously were unable to use Sense.

Once again, Sense will only function well if Bluetooth on your Lockitron is working. See our help doc on Bluetooth if you’ve having trouble here.

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