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iPhone 6 plus / iOS 8 Instant App crash


Okay, that indicated that it can connect. Does it blink green or go solid? Just blinking green indicates that it’s connected and all is good. Solid green means it’s trying to update (yet another piece of firmware, not the Bluetooth).


I’m having the same problem on my iphone 6S running ios 11: the app runs only if bluetooth is off. I’ve manually set the new unit in update mode by way of holding down the left button and remove/replace a battery. And I’ve uploaded a fresh firmware that seems to have been accepted by the unit, but it still does not like bluetooth.

(Note that I’m not using wifi nor a bridge).

My reaching to the support department remains unanswered. So, I’m wondering if Cameron or Stephennelson ever found a workaround for this problem. I hope that someone in the community responds to this message.


@Christozoid replied via email earlier today - if you’re seeing this, uninstall and re-install the app.


Thanks Cameron. IT WORKS.
I just installed the December 8 version of the app, and it instantly paired with the bolt.
Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

PS- One more request: The app wants to upload all of my 5,000 contacts in order to set my wife and son as users. Is there a way to input their singular addresses in the system. Otherwise, the upload process seems to lock up on such large list of contacts.


@Christozoid I will have to check on 5,000, that’s pretty massive. I recommend using the web version for now at https://lockitron.com/dashboard